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Jun 28, 2008 07:43 AM

Justus Drugstore Trouble (KC)

Did you guys see this story this morning?
I think this is quite ridiculous, and I'm surprised there are people that are serious about them changing their name. If someone did mistake it for a drugstore, and walked in, then I think it would be clear that it's a restaurant. Thoughts?

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  1. This sucks.....I'm kinda worried about this place holding on in the long term anyway. Now, all you Justus supporters don't get in a tizzy. I know they are a very lovely couple. But their business recipe is a little scary in the long term. Especially if they are “mortgaged to the hilt” I strongly hope they make it. I really really hope I’m wrong. The restaurant business is tough alone, add the horrible economy, plus the fact that ultra rich people are what ultimately keep these places open……Not saying there are no ultra rich in Smithville just not as many as there are in the southern burbs.

    1. I'd drop the 'e' on Drugstore, and tell 'em to bite me!! :-) (not really joking either!)

      I understand where you're coming from KCMOChef, and I love Justus. Hopefully, being featured in F&W and Bon Appetit will help their cause.

      1. I'm sorry, but I feel as a Northlander I need to reply to some recent post about Justus Drugstore. The place is packed every night of the week. They are in the current issues of Food And Wine, and Travel And Leisure. A couple of weeks ago Mark Ladner (Del Posto), Zach Allen (Batalli's Vegas properties), Colin Alvarez (The Tasting Room) Nate Appleman (A16) And Anna Klinger (Al di La) were all at on table with Monica Eng of The Chicago Tribune.
        The recent coupon was to celebrate the opening of their patio. Yes there is not as much money up north as down south but there is no compitition either. KCMOChef you should come up on a Tues or Wed and check it out the scene there. it's amazing

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          I heard the only reason those chef’s were there was because Heritage Foods took them there after a farm tour. Big deal. Great they are packed every night! But will that last? And as far as the magazines go Michael & Debbie, Celina, Colby & Megan Garretts get far more mag exposure.

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            What you say may be true, but why didn't they go to one of those restaurants instead?

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                Uh, I think the farm they were coming from is in Clinton. And besides you think that after travelling all the way from NYC, Vegas, Chicago, and SanFran that 25min one direction or another would be the deciding factor on the restaurant you decide to visit. Doesn't make much since.

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                  Point is Heritage picked the restaurant they didn't. If you think these chef's had ever heard of justus your crazy.

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                    The thing no one is talking about is "how did they like the food?" its the meal/service that makes that place what it is...not who's sitting at the table next to you or if the chef is in some magazine.

                    5 clams says they have a new concept/place in the city in the next 18months and the northland location will still be running.

        2. How much more ridiculous can you get?! Will the Mo. State Energy Commission insist that The Filling Station in Lee's Summit change their name because you can't really get petrol there?! Good grief.

          1. just another reason to live on the KS side of the line- the state of missouri has its priorities all jacked.