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Jun 28, 2008 05:46 AM

Wine List at JAR?

Is anyone familiar with the wine list at JAR? I did not see it on their website and I would appreciate any feedback on the pricing. I am hosting a dinner for 4 close friends soon and am wondering if we would be better off paying the $25 corkage fee and bringing 2 bottles of our own or if it would just be more of a hassle if they have some decent selections in the mid $40 range? Not being an oenophile, I would appreciate any help/guidance here. Also, I am nott trying to be cheap with the dinner, but the dinner is a splurge for me and I need to keep the wine costs somewhat in check. Thanks for your help!

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  1. Okay...I'm "bumping" this again...Can anyone help? Even with basic wine ettiquette for bringing your own stash to a restaurant...Should I just forget about cutting corners and rely on the wine steward (and an available credit card)?! Thanks.

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      haven't been to jar in over a year - but i remember they were pouring a 2003 neal family cabernet by the glass that was a little pricey but very good - based on that i would expect the wine list is excellent but with standard markups - don't miss the butterscotch pudding if they're making it, that's one thing you can't bring in yourself!

      1. re: paulfromla

        Well, I remember its having at least 3, maybe 4, Gigondas's(sp!), and they tend to be my fallback wines of choice in many restaurants where CduPape is too expensive, yet I want something better than a Cote du Rhone.
        Typically they run in the $45-$65 or so range in restaurants.
        I do not look too often in the California section, nor at whites at all.

      2. re: prschouten

        been there few times and i have always taken bottle or two. i always look at the wine list even if i byo.
        when i see a interesting bottles or great buy in the list.....i usually will order off the list but i don't really recall jar having either.
        i do recall them selling neal by the glass as paulfromia said but i think it was like $18 a glass? at that $25 and take a nice bottle.
        or...have them email or fax you the list and post it ;)

      3. I don't remember much that seemed interesting in that price range -- last time I was there, I was thinking that I might bring a bottle next time and pay the corkage.

        1. My opinion is to always bring your own if you have something special to share with your dining companions. If you have a bottle or two in mind, just bring them. I would also suggest that they are not very common wines and on the list. A simple call will assure that. A nice gesture is to offer a "taste" to whom ever is pouring the wine as well. Leave the bottles with the host when you arrive and you are set..