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Jun 28, 2008 05:46 AM

Asahi Kuronama in SF: Murasaki, Koo, or other?

I will be visiting San Francisco for the weekend of July 12-14. A little known benefit that the West Coast has over the East Coast is the ability to get Asahi Kuronama, a black beer brewed in Japan and distributed in California. In my opinion, this is a great beer (see my recent post on the topic here: and one of my goals for my visit it to make sure I get some Kuronama.

Through Google, I’ve found two restaurants in SF that supposedly have Asahi Kuronama: Murasaki and Koo. I see that both have favorable reviews on this board, and the $80 omakase at Koo (described here: sounds pretty good.

So, could I please get your help in picking one of those, or maybe you know another place in SF that has Asahi Kuronama? (Does anyone know a liquor store that has it?


Selection criteria, in order of importance:
1. Asahi Kuronama
2. Quality of fish (and rice!) and preparation
3. Bonus points: special fish and dishes not widely available
4. Bonus points: shishito peppers

Rolls are not important to me, and for this trip price is not a factor.

I’m flexible on which day or night I go (Saturday, Sunday, or Monday), so please let me know if you recommend one over another, and whether reservations will be required.


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  1. Koo won. The Kuronama and sushi were delicious. See my post here on the meal: