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Jun 27, 2008 11:41 PM

Where and What to Eat... Only 3 days of Vegas

So M and I are heading out to Vegas in a few weeks. Besides looking forward to some good R&R, experiencing some great cuisine is our only other purpose there.

The only meal we've both decided on was Bouchon for Brunch.

Dinner is where we can't make up our minds. Chowhounds, what do you think of our list of options?

L Atelier de Robuchon
Fleur de Lys
Joel Robuchon
Guy Savoy

What are must tries and what can we do without until next time? Any other suggestions? Any lunch suggestions?

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  1. I've been to the Guy Savoy in Paris and it was the best meal I ever had so I would definetly recommend Guy Savoy... I went to Picasso last trip and it was very very good so would recommend that as well. Joel Robuchon is suppose to be the best place to go, have not tried it but have been wanting to, it sounds fabulous. As for L Atelier, never been but its a step down from Joel Robuchon. The menu at Crafsteak looks great as well, haven't made it there either but heard great things. Cut in the Palazzo is a great new place, as Rosemary's off the strip is certianly worth the trip and large, quality portions and ingredients. Sunday at Rosemarys- 1/2 priced bottles of wine, wednesday 1/2 off ladies meal. For lunch off the strip once again Lotus of Siam, a very popular place. Hyakumi in Cesaer's is a good sushi and noodle soup place, great for lunch. As for the three dinners any of the options would be great, I would suggest Guy Savoy or Joel Robuchon, Cut or Craftsteak, and Picasso or Rosemary's. But honestly, your narrowed list is a very impressive one and I dont think you could go wrong at any of them. Enjoy.

    1. I'd recommend Alex at the Wynn over Robuchon or Guy Savoy. I'd also add Aureole at Mandalay Bay.

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        1. Went to Joel Robuchon for my birthday last month - One of if not the best meal I've had.

          I like Fleur de Lys - they have a number of tasting menu options and Herbert Keller was running the kitchen the night we were there (thought he'd be at the SF location)

          We wanted to do Craft Steak last time but with only two of us we couldnt do the tasting menus (Think its minimum of four people) so we went to Cut at the Palazzo and I cant say enough about how great that was.

          Please post your thought on your meals where ever you decide to eat. Have fun.

          1. Sounds like our trip! We were there a few weeks ago purely to relax and eat...we're not gamblers. We had dinner at Alex (at Wynn), Craftsteak and Guy Savoy. I wrote a very lengthy review of our experiences at the following link, which you will likely find helpful.

            We were not impressed by Alex (we seem to be the only ones - every one else raves about it - so I felt guilty for not loving it), but enjoyed Craftsteak and Guy Savoy a great deal. Guy Savoy was absolutely phenomenal, but also phenomenally expensive. (but worth it


            Have fun!