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The Archer Farms Brand at Target

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everything i have tried of theirs from hummus to milk to corned beef to ice cream has been excellent. what do you think of the brand?? is it a Target owned brand?? can you find the brand outside of Target??

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  1. Archer Farms is a Target house brand. I am particularly fond of the tomato and mushroom risottos.

      1. Archer is not necessarily cheaper but seems to be a quality house brand. I've tried a few Archer Farms logo items and enjoyed them.

        1. I've enjoyed the bulk of what I've tried. I tried a few flavored rice items that I disliked, but the snack items are wonderful as are the hors d'oeuvres.

          1. I just had their banana peanut butter ice cream and it was pretty good, though the 'banana ice cream' base was not very banana-y.


            They also have a salted chocolate pretzel flavor I'll try next.

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              I thought that salted chocolate pretzel ice cream was fantastic! And I completely agree on the banana-yness (how's that for a word!).

              To answer the question, I've really liked everything from Archer Farms, with exception of some frozen seafood t.v. dinner entrees. That was many months ago, though, and I think they've been discontinued. Their frozen thin-crust pizzas are particularly good for frozen pizza.

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                Whoa, salted chocolate pretzel? That sounds incredible. I love how many meal flavors and snack flavors they have. They're quite ingenious. That ice cream, I need it now...

            2. I've never been disappointed by the Archer Farms foods. Unfortunately, though, I broke up with Target so no more Archer Farms for me. The Archer Farms chai cookies crumbled on top of homemade pistachio pudding are fantastic.

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                Can you say why? We also recently quit shopping there.

              2. Good to hear good reports about this Target brand of foods, maybe I'll try some of it now. I almost never buy food at Target, plus their commercials about this brand completely turn me off. Looks like some fake world of pretend goodness. Reminds me of that Jim Carey movie, The Truman Show.

                1. We just tried a "box" of Target's Sauvagnion Blanc wine. It was dry & crisp and just right for a summer drink . (We're in FL, so it's still summer.) It was also much cheaper than the New Zealand SB's we've been drinking. Next time we're there, we're going to pick up another of there varietals. This is a "Target' not Archer Farm brand.

                  1. I like the potato chips. Some of the flavors are little fake tasting, but when I'm eating a chip with an artificial name, I'm not really expecting a real tasting flavor.

                    Also, I love how the packages have built in ziplocks

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                      I've tried a few of the frozen pizza's....roasted veg...and spinach....both were superior to the well known brands I have tried

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                        I LOVE the AF organic pizzas. Unfortunately, my local Target (Dallas) no longer carries them, as of about 3 weeks ago. Does anyone know if this is a chain-wide discontinuation of the product, or is it just my store?

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                          I just tried the spinach and goat cheese pizza last night . . . really, really good. I'm having the leftovers for lunch today.

                      2. Good quality house brand and on sale this week. Check the Target ad in your Sunday paper.

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                          I like their snack mixes esp the Cajun one.

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                            I love that Cajun mix... It's hard to keep myself from eating the whole bag in one sitting.

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                            Yeah, the chocolate caramel ice cream sauce is one of the items on sale, and I love it! No HFCS, which is on my do-no-buy list.

                            TJ's used to have a wonderful chocolate ice cream sauce which of course they discontinued--this one's almost as good.

                            1. re: coney with everything

                              and it appears Target discontinued all the AF ice cream sauces.

                          3. I like the Baked Chips by Target's Archer Farms. My faves are the cracked pepper and sea salt, and the rosemary. They sell the baked roemary chips in little lunch size bags. Even though its cheaper to portion out your own, i like these little bags for on the go...

                            Also, I purchased some great sounding flavored waters on sale : starfruit, passion fruit etc. They were on special at the time. I rushed home, very excited to try it, and found that it tasted very much like plastic!!! Target was happy to take them back for me, even though I drank a significant amount. It didnt occur to me that they would take it back
                            rather than force myself to finish the whole thing.

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                              Heh, I bought some of those plastic-tasting waters as well. I'm actually surprised it isn't just me. I'm rather sensitive to the taste. To me they looked exactly like Hint, but a lot less expensive. http://www.drinkhint.com/home.php Even the bottle shape was the same. But. The Hint flavors are way better. The Hint bottles cost $2 at Giant Eagle, though, whereas the Target ones cost I think $1.29.

                              On the other hand, the Archer Farms citrus flavor (I forget the exact flavors, but the label is orange) sparkling water from Italy is really fantastic. It has supplanted the Blu Italy lime flavor from Trader Joe's at our house. And actually, considering that the Blu is 750ml and the Target water is a whole liter, the Target one costs less.

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                                I have bought their Cucumber Flavored Water a few times and enjoyed it thoroughly. I haven't been able to find it lately, so I don't know if it has been discontinued or if my local Target just doesn't stock it anymore.

                              2. My boyfriend and I are addicted to the Archer Farms SALSA!! I think we've tried almost all of the flavors and they are all extremely delicious. We pair them with the AF organic tortilla chips. We love AF!! I can't wait to get back to Target to try more of Archer Farm products. I've only heard great things.

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                                  Archer Farms has been hit and miss for me. The latest "misses" include the Dill Pickle flavored almonds (not enough pickle) and then the General Tso's potato chips (plastic wafer tasting ripple chips with a horrible asian 'inspired' seasoning blend... The Trad Hummus Chips are inoffensive if not uninspired.

                                  1. re: isfahani

                                    They had AF smoky sweet & hot mustard that was outstanding+, discontued, just terrific.

                                2. The Archer Farms General Tso's chips are DELISH!

                                  1. archers farms is a nice brand,but it is as expensive as normal brands(qalthough it seems target doesnt carry many normal brands..just AF or MP.)
                                    I LIKE MARKET PANTRY AS WELL. CHEAP and tasty

                                    1. I've had several AF products and liked them all, especially the frozen cheesecake. Cheap and delicious!

                                      1. Truly icky tasting Double Peanut Butter Chewy Soft-Baked Cookies. They come individually wrapped, are soggy, have no discernible peanut butter taste, and actually taste rancid (even though the package was nowhere near the use-by date). Ugh.

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                                        1. I love some of the AF coffees from Central America, especially Fair Trade Guatemala & Direct Trade El Salvador Buena Vista. Both are light roast & really outstanding.

                                          1. Just had the AF Sweet and Spicy BBQ chips…never again. Horribly salty (and I LOVE salt). I feel so uncomfortable right now, almost like I have acid reflux.

                                            1. at christmas, they had a great nut/caramel/popcorn combo. wish it were year-round.

                                              also from then, a nice pumpkin spice coffee.

                                              1. When I ate bread I used to buy the Archer Farms bread for PBJ's...super soft and moist, was very surprised.

                                                1. If you like pickles you gotta try the AF pickles! Sounds gross but they have two flavors that I've seen... Bloody Mary Pickles and Spicy maple bourbon pickles. Both are so so good.