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Jun 27, 2008 09:07 PM

The Archer Farms Brand at Target

everything i have tried of theirs from hummus to milk to corned beef to ice cream has been excellent. what do you think of the brand?? is it a Target owned brand?? can you find the brand outside of Target??

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  1. Archer Farms is a Target house brand. I am particularly fond of the tomato and mushroom risottos.

      1. Archer is not necessarily cheaper but seems to be a quality house brand. I've tried a few Archer Farms logo items and enjoyed them.

        1. I've enjoyed the bulk of what I've tried. I tried a few flavored rice items that I disliked, but the snack items are wonderful as are the hors d'oeuvres.

          1. I just had their banana peanut butter ice cream and it was pretty good, though the 'banana ice cream' base was not very banana-y.


            They also have a salted chocolate pretzel flavor I'll try next.

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            1. re: tenacity

              I thought that salted chocolate pretzel ice cream was fantastic! And I completely agree on the banana-yness (how's that for a word!).

              To answer the question, I've really liked everything from Archer Farms, with exception of some frozen seafood t.v. dinner entrees. That was many months ago, though, and I think they've been discontinued. Their frozen thin-crust pizzas are particularly good for frozen pizza.

              1. re: almccasland

                Whoa, salted chocolate pretzel? That sounds incredible. I love how many meal flavors and snack flavors they have. They're quite ingenious. That ice cream, I need it now...