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best blueberry pie in Maine??

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this should be peak season.

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  1. Not till August for Maine, right now you're seeing NJ blueberries.

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      Here in Jersey, the stores are still only selling North Carolina berries. Too cool and wet this spring to get the berries going. Maybe in another week or so we'll get the good ones!

    2. The past few summers we've been spending a few weeks in ME and doing a tastetest of bliueberry pie, and seriously, I know the chowhounders will mock me, but the absolute best we found was at the:
      Dunstan School Restaurant RR 1 Scarborough, ME 04074

      they have a buffet daily but if you don't want to partake they will sell you a whole pie. You have to call ahead though and tell them you want to order a pie to go.

      1. The best blueberry pie in Maine has got to be made by "The Pie Lady" on Mt. Desert Island. On the left as you're travelling on the main drag going in to Bar Harbor. She and her husband make glorious pies in their home kitchen and they sell out quickly each morning. The apple pie was to die for, too. We were there last summer during blueberry season. You might have to wait a few weeks for peak fruit, as the blueberries aren't quite ready yet.

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          Yeh, yaknow, I think you're right. Rt 3 in Salisbury cove. About a 1/4 mi after King's Creek, towards, BH on yur left. Also on Rt. 1 on the rt leaving Bucksport, just after EBS.

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            I disagree. I had high hopes for the pie lady and was disappointed. She was below average in filling and crust. I take my quest for the best blueberry pie quite seriously. I tasted Helen's in Machias - I've tasted Moody's- I've had pie just about every place on Mount Desert Island. The best I've found by far is the Cottage Street Bakery. Pie LAdy in Salisbujrry Cove, pie lady just outside of Bar Harbor toward Eagle lake, pie lady off Seal Cove Road, Quietside Cafe special order pies, Somesville Church pie ladies - all of them were mild to MAJOR disappointments. Cottage Street Bakery has been consistently good for the last 5 years. Excellent filling - nearly perfect crust top and bottom. I did hear that a famous pie making lady is opening a little pie and bakery shop on Main Street in Bar Harbor on Saturday August 16th. She claims her family used to own a restaurant where people lined up for the pies when they were brought out of the oven. Supposedly Rockefeller was a big customer. Holly Hobby Bakery or somnething like that. We'll see if the reality lives up to the legend in 2 days. I'm a tough customer. You really need to bring an "A" game on crust and filling to get my nod.

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              Green Hollow Orchards makes an incredible pie with a killer crust. It's located in Whitefield in the middle of nowhere, but you can find them at Boothbay Farmers mkt from June-Sept. Go early--they sell out!

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                I'm not sure if it's still the same bakery (I was half asleep when I got in line), but I steered for the one with the longest line. I wound up getting donuts (not so good, kind of bready), cinnamon buns (really outstanding, I think they used brioche dough), raspberry pie (very tart, but perfectly balanced with vanilla ice cream, crust crunchy but tender), and blueberry pie (nicely balanced, held together better than the raspberry). All in all, some of the best fruit pies I've had. People cut the line like mad, though.

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              I though the Pie Lady on the road to Bar Harbor was decent as well. We picked up one up on way home from Bar Harbor and I had to smell warm pie alllll the way home!! I would love to try the one that is supposed to open in Bar Harbor. I love blueberry pie and I only will eat Maine wild blueberries. Those things you get in grocery stores or even at local farm stands do not hold a candle to the Maine ones.

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                Okay, I was lucky enough last Friday (August 15) to get a blueberry pie from the new "Hobby Holly" Bakery on Main Street in Bar Harbor (see my previous post). This was the real deal. The filling was absolutely excellent and her crust was tasty and flaky on the top AND the bottom too - how does she do that? This has now surpassed Cottage Street Bakery and the best blueberry pie on Mount Desert Island. Salisbury Cove Pie lady's blueberry pie is minor league compared to this. The Hobby Holly bakery is a bit hard to find because it has a small sign - it's way up Main Street by Island Cards and Gifts and shares a sign and building with her husband's plumbing and heating business. But her pies are worth hunting down. A+

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                  I bought two pies at the Pie Lady's Bucksport location last summer. One blueberry (magnificent filling - thick enough to stand up but not gummy, crisp crust, perfect) and one apple (disappointing for the mushy bottom crust.) She gets my vote for best blueberry pie.

                2. Best Blueberry pie in Maine is at Mae's Cafe in Bath, formerly Krisina's. They also have a great wildberry pie....

                  1. Merrill&Hinckey's Country Store Blue Hill !

                    1. Just had an amazing one-crust blueberry pie (2 inches high of wild blueberries) with a real whipped cream topping -
                      Tall Barneys in Jonesport.

                      1. Amy's Pies are very good. I'm partial to the chocolate cream, but the Blueberry is right up there with the best of 'em. I get mine at the Thomaston Grocery( call ahead and have them hold one or special-order one for you)....but I've seen them at some other mid-coast locations too.

                        1. What do you mean by pie ladies? I'm picturing ladies selling out of pickup trucks on the side of the road. Or are we talking farm stands with homemade pies?

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                            In Bucksport it's a small stand on the side of the road in her front yard. She bakes the pies in her house and sells them at the stand.

                          2. I am wondering if the 'Hobby Holly' bakery mentioned in this thread is still there? I would love to try it out when we are there in mid-August.

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                              I'm up here now and will investigate!

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                                Thank you-you are the best!!!! I know where the Cottage Street Bakery is but that has mixed reviews.

                                1. re: xcptnl

                                  Well, upon investigation, I'd say this place is GONE! Looked around upper Main St near /Island Cards and Gifts. Saw a Plumbing and Heating business (Jordans?) but NO HOBBY HOLLY or any other name bakery near there......I hope Maxcaffiene can check in and tell us what happened.....looks like I'll visit the Pie Lady (Perkins Pies?) up Rte 3 on my way out on Saturday....BUMMAH!

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                                    Darnit! I will also be stopping at the pie lady on the way home....I will have to smell warm pie all the way home again! I was so hoping the Hobby Holly place was still there. They should have shops like Key West has for Key Lime Pies.

                            2. The blueberry pie at Pie In The Sky in Cape Nedick is the best I've tasted. Expensive, but excellent.

                              1. 3 questions:

                                1) Is it still peak wild blueberry season in Maine? i'll be driving up the coast to the Down East section this weekend and was hoping to go to a pick-your-own wild blueberry field in the Machias/Jonesboro area (since that's where wild blueberry fields seem to be the most abundant).

                                If peak season is over, does that mean that the pick-your-own blueberry fields are all closed, too? Sorry if that's an obvious question.

                                2) Any updates on the best blueberry pies in the state? I'll be travelling the entire coast so I'm open to any and all suggestions.

                                3) Any word on Hobby Holly Bakery, whose pies were raved about in this thread by "maxcaffein" last August but apparently is no longer there? It's supposed to be located on Main Street in Bar Harbor.

                                Has anybody else been to this place? If so, is it really gone, or is it just hard to find? Was maxcaffein just pulling our legs? ;>)


                                1. Oh, and one other thing:

                                  Are the pies at Helen's in Machias/Ellsworth really as mediocre these days as some people are suggesting? I had their blueberry and strawberry pies a few years ago (both locations) and thought they were very good, but have they gotten worse since then?

                                  Some people on these boards have been saying that the Bluebird Ranch in Machias and Tall Barney's in Jonesport have better pies than Helen's. The post below by MABMAQ from August 19, 2008 mentions that Tall Barney's serves a pie with about 2 inches of WILD blueberries and real whipped cream in a one-crust pie. Can anyone else verify this?

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                                    Forgot to mention Priscilla's Pies in Bucksport,, which is supposed to be amazing:


                                    Can anyone confirm whether this place lives up to the hype? I'm assuming that they're serving blueberry pies right now.

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                                      All I can tell you is that pie is my favorite dessert, and Priscilla's is my favorite pie. But pie, like many foods, is subjective. Some people prefer a double crust on their fruit pie (me, for instance), others prefer a crumb or whipped cream topping. You will just have to pay a visit to Priscilla and Stanley and judge for yourself, and then add your yea or nay to the board. Only way to build a consensus.

                                      1. re: groaker

                                        Thanks - Priscilla's will definitely be on my must-do list.

                                        Do you know if they use wild blueberries in their pies during peak wildbluberry season? Or do they use more generic commercial blueberries?

                                        1. re: freshfigs

                                          If by "wild blueberries" you mean does Stanley go up into the hills, find some blueberry bushes that nobody owns, and pick them himself, then I would say no - he is rather old for that. I do know that they buy local fruit when it is in season, because the last time I was there Stanley had just purchased 20 or 30 pounds of blackberries. Priscilla also uses the fruit to make "Jamly" (Jam. Jelly. Get it?), which she puts up in jars that you can buy.

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                                      IMHO, Helen's is nowhere near as good as it used to be. In Machias, things have generally gone downhill since their daughter and spouse took over a few years ago.
                                      I haven't been to Bluebird Ranch in a while, so I can't say, but in the past they have been good. My mother is especially fond of the German chocolate cake.

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                                        We tried Helens when we were just there and the blueberry pies were killer. I had the blueberry mile high with real whipped cream just as high, and hubby had the regular and they were both excellent.

                                      2. Rudy's in Cape Elizabeth. Phenomenal. Sorry they only had the one pie.

                                        The rest of their food was fantastic too. Whole belly clams, shrimp, scallops and haddock. A hamburger smashed out by hand for the non-seafood types. The decor is a combo of diner and convenience store, but the food was simply fantastic.

                                        1. Thanks for the tips.

                                          To reiterate my earlier question, is it still peak wild blueberry season right now?

                                          Anyone know anything about Hobby Holly Bakery in Bar Harbor or Priscilla's Pies in Bucksport (see my earlier posts from yesterday)?

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                                            Around here (Southern Midcoast) we're at the tail end of blueberry season. Further north it might still be going strong.

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                                              I think we determined that Hobby Holly was no where to be found. I stopped at the Pie Lady on the way home (mid-August) and got a fantastic blueberry to bring home. It was really good. The crust was flaky and the blueberries yummy and fresh!

                                              1. re: xcptnl

                                                Yeah I'm the sucker who looked for Hobby Holly. I wonder if it ever existed??? The Pie Lady rules!!!

                                                1. re: sinned61

                                                  Yes she does!! I got a slice at the Cottage Street Bakery.while we were there in August....not so good.

                                                  I love when we stop at the Pie Lady on the way home around 9 am and the pies are still warm...man o man!

                                                  1. re: xcptnl

                                                    Definitely NOT Helen's - dull filling, BAD crust.

                                            2. I have always liked Acres of Wildlife Campground's pies. They are on Route 113 on the right just past the Village of Steep Falls in Standish going west. Long approach road in, but the Blueberry pies are great!