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Jun 27, 2008 08:23 PM

Termini Brothers cakes?

I have tried the chocolate/strawberry mousse cake and it was delicious. Anyone else tried any of their other cakes? Any recommendations?

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  1. The lemon cooler and strawberry shortcake cakes are both very good. The pound cake with the lemon icing tastes weird to me (think lemon pledge) but the chocolate cake with mint icing is pretty good. Their traditional vanilla cakes are always very good. Never liked their key lime pies though...too tart for me!

    As far as their pastries, I like the nirvana (peanut butter and chocolate ganache) and the almond sousse (sp.) (primarily chocolate, and buttercream) but they are only on the menu from September through May or so.

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      Oooo they Key Lime pie now sounds tempting to me. I LOVE tart.

    2. The hazelnut chocolate cake is to die for! It's on the dense side, so don't let it's slightly smaller size fool you - it will serve a lot of people. Add a little scoop of vanilla ice cream...yummm

      1. Speaking of Termini Bros . . . they just opened a new place in the Comcast Center.

        1. How is the raspberry mousse cake? Or the mint chocolate cake?

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            The mint chocolate cake is very good. Have not had the raspberry one yet.

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              I know it's not a cake, but I can never leave Termini's without grabbing a few of their pignollis. They're amazing in their simplicity.

          2. they did my sister's wedding cake and it was delicious. :)

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              I do some catering and they have done two cakes for clients. They had the most amazing buttercream icing with white chocolate shards on your choice of cakes - they looked like clouds! (unfortunately I don't eat sweets, but everyone seemed to love the taste as well!)