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Jun 27, 2008 08:00 PM

Need Sour Cherry in LA area ASAP..


I need about 20 pounds of sour cherries from anywhere in the Southern Cal area.

Please let me know of any farmers markets or stores and price if you could. I need sour not sweet and they have to fresh not froze.

Thanks a ton,


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    1. re: epop

      Exactly right. Tell us where you are and maybe we can help narrow it down.

      1. re: epop

        Persian market....the one I know would be Valley Produce on Vanowen, just east of Reseda Blvd.

      2. Hey All,

        I'm by Santa Clarita. I really wanted to go to a farmers market. I kinda of wanted to get them fresh from the farmer. I don't mind driving anywhere to get them.

        If I have to get them from a market I will. Any listing or post would be great.

        Also how much do they run a pound??

        Thanks a ton,


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        1. re: Dayote

          I can count on one hand the number of times I've seen sour cherries at a farmers' market here in LA. They simply aren't available, and on those rare occasions they DO come, they're usually at the big ones (SM Wed, Hollywood Sun) and never in the kinds of quantities you're asking for.

          There's a pick-your-own in Leona Valley...

          1. re: Das Ubergeek

            Thanks to all,

            I make a lot of cherry cobbler and will make pies. 20 lbs is really not that much after you pit them.


            I will go to some of the farmers market you talked about. How much do they run a pound?

            Thanks a ton,


            1. re: Dayote

              I couldn't tell you -- and they're only available for two or three weeks a year. Really, your best bet is a Persian market.

              1. re: Das Ubergeek

                Now at the persian markets are they grown in california or are they from the mid west.

                Also how much are they a pound?

                Thanks a ton

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          1. I know they're in full bloom on the East Coast right now. Dad was picking them off the tree yesterday... no joke... But I have yet to see them on the West and it's heart breaking cos they're the best... I'm so craving...

            1. Ya I really like them too.

              I was really hoping to find them at a farmers market.

              I guess I'll just have to call around to persian markets.

              Thanks a ton,

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              1. re: Dayote

                you can find sour cherries (fresh) priced at $7.00 per box at Narek Armenian grocery store in Hollywood (and Wilton) and at $9.00 at Shalom (Russian supermarket) on Sunset and Poinsettia (across from Ralph's).