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Jun 27, 2008 07:55 PM

King Ranch Casserole: can I use aluminum pans?

I am going to the beach for the July 4 weekend and was thinking about making the infamous 'King Ranch Casserole', since there will be a big crowd. there. There is also no dishwasher and limited cooking prep area. I was planning on making it ahead of time (maybe Thurs morning?), and bringing it down to serve on Friday night dinner. Because of the small kitchen, I thought I might buy a disposable aluminum casserole pan to make it in; instead of my ceramic dish. But since the recipe contains tomatoes, is aluminum going to be OK? (I never use disposable cookware, so I'm confused). And will it be OK to prepare the recipe this far ahead of time without it turning to mush?
Thanks all.

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  1. mschow, I can't help you with the prep ahead issue, but there are alternatives to the foil pans. Hefty makes something called EZ OvenWare which is non-stick coated. I can't tell if it's plastic or paper or a combination. You can bake up to 425 degrees. I have a pack of three 2-quart casseroles (9X9X2). Perhaps they make a larger size, or you could make up several smaller pans of your recipe.

    I used one just recently, filled with fresh strawberries, blueberries and grapes, when I didn't want to worry about bringing my dish home.

    Check out Hefty E-Z OvenWare and the manufacturer PACTIV Corporation, Lake Forest, IL.

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      thanks, I will check that out at the grocery store.

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        What is a King Ranch casserole?

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          I was wondering that too, a google search pulls up a bunch of recipes that look like a betty crocker version of enchiladas but easier to serve for a crowd.

          if you're using the fresh corn tortilla version, I wouldn't be too worried about the mush factor. besides - don't all casseroles have a certain mushiness?

          or bring the prepped ingredients in separate zip bags for minimal assembly at the last minute in the EZ OvenWare (I like the multiple small pan idea) could be done on a table out of the kitchen until ready to pop in the oven.