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Rice Pudding or Tapioca pudding in San Diego

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I'm craving some rice pudding or tapioca, and am feeling too lazy to make it myself. Where can I send my husband to go pick up some good stuff?

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  1. If you're really lazy just buy some Kozy Shak rice pudding. It's carried at most stores and is more than passable in a pinch.

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      As an English teacher, I'm suspicious of a company that can't spell cosy OR shack correctly. Anything more homemade out there at any restaurant or somewhere you can take-out from? Thanks tho--I'll try it sometime.

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        All th restaurants seem to use the canned stuff.

        Kozy Shak is the next best if you aren't making the cooked from a box at home. I always have at least three boxes on hand...I can make it and eat the skin formed on the top in 20 minutes and then wait for another skin to form...

        Of course, best-best is from scratch. But that takes planning.

        Oh man, I am craving now...

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          I understand your concern ;-). As I understand it, the company is not from around these parts. I've had both their rice pudding and tapioca, and truly, for a commercial product they're not bad, awful or disgusting. Now, some of the other Kozy Shak products are, but not these two.

          Here is a really quick rice pudding you can make at home. You need left over cooked white rice and super premium vanilla pudding. Melt the ice cream and let it come to room temperature, stir in as much of the cooked rice to get the consistency you prefer, add a couple shakes of ground cinnamon, stir and eat. The key to this is good quality ice cream because basically all you're doing is returning it to it's custard base origins.

      2. Check out any Mexican market - if you are close to any Northgate (former El Tigre Chain) get the store made stuff there. Mmm.. canela and raisins!

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          OMG, arroz con leche one of my all time favorite Mexican desserts. Especially good when the custard part has been cooked with lime rind (pith removed)

        2. Trader Joe's has some pretty decent vanilla tapioca and rice pudding.

          1. Trader Joe's has decent rice and tapioca pudding. Their chocolate pudding is quite good too!

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              TJs chocolate pudding is really, really good--just don't look at the calorie count on it! Their rice pudding is also pretty good, like you said. But I just make it myself. If you have leftover rice, it's really not even a big deal.

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                Checked out Northgate this a.m. Rice pudding was quite good, and WOW, what a cool place. I'd been meaning to go.
                I'm just thinking tho, with all these "comfort food" places all over town, don't any of them have rice or tapioca pudding on the menu??

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                  I don't know that I'd call Anthology a "comfort food" place, but they do (or perhaps did by now) have an orange tapioca pudding on their dessert menu that was pretty spectacular.

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                    For some strange reason a lot of Chinese buffets serve traditional tapioca pudding in their dessert section. This has nothing to do with the current popularity of tapioca balls (boba) in Asian drink emporiums. Obviously you wouldn't go to a Chinese buffet merely for the tapioca pudding but if you ever feel like having a Chinese buffet you might be on the lookout for the tapioca at the same time.

              2. Panchita's Bakery (I go to the 25th and C location) almost always has in-house made Rice Pudding. It is USUALLY good but I'm afraid there have been times where the rice is undercooked. That happens about once every 15 times or so...

                1. WE buy the Kozey Shack brand at Vons, it is in the refrigerated section and it is all natural. They sell it in qt tubs or in six packs of single servings. It is all natural too.

                  My kids take it to school/camp in their lunches.

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                  1. re: normalheightsfoodie

                    Is it written on the packs that it is natural ? You are aware that using the word natural by food companies is not regulated by anything. Every company can claim their food is "natural" - It doesn't mean anything.

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                      Had the most wonderful tapioca "pudding" at Madras Cafe on Saturday from their buffet. Served warm it was more like a tapioca soup -- but a perfect balance of flavors -- anise, cardamon, orange peel and not overly sweet.

                      Not going to help the OP, of course but tasty enough to warrant a mention.

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                          Very tasty. Very good. Some of the best (if not the best) Indian food I've had in town.

                          I went for the buffet. Couldn't tell what half the curry was... but luckily a friendly customer walked us through everything.

                          I will say, we were the only non-indian people in the joint and we felt it. Service was not attentive AT ALL.

                          I had to get up and walk over to ask for my Dosa (comes with the buffet -- they were giving them to everyone else when they sat down) and when I asked for my Idli I was told I did not want it. Of course I want it, I asked for it, it comes with the buffet... Sheesh.

                          So, great food, great prices.

                          But my wife and I were made to feel like an intruder.

                          We're fine with that, others might not be.

                          In the end, I go to places like Madras Cafe for the food, not the ambience.

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                        Honkman thank you for your insight, but I read also read the ingredients of the item I purchase., the low fat item however contains a sugar substitute, and I would not recomend that.