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Jun 27, 2008 07:35 PM

Bridal Shower


My younger sister and I are throwing a bridal shower for my older sister in about a month, and I am searching for some good food ideas. Keep in mind, I am horrible with wedding stuff, and am not sure what I am supposed to do food-wise (or anything else for that matter!). Since not many have RSVPed yet, I am going to guess there will be about thirty people, and it will take place on a Saturday from 11:00AM-1:00PM. I have in mind doing a brunch so I can make some fun appetizer and desert type foods, I think it would be more fun. I don't know if this matters either, but there is not a theme for this. Her wedding colors are silver, baby blue and black.. in honor of the Kansas City Royals.. any ideas? Anything and everything is welcome and appreciated!

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  1. For the last shower that I threw, we did a cupcake tower instead of the traditional cake. Very fun! You could incorporate the blues and silvers into the frosting colors, and you could do various flavors/combinations. As far as fun appetizers for a brunch, I am at a loss. It might be easier to do fun appetizers if you go with more of a lunch theme. Good luck!

    1. You could start with light apps and mimosas. Then for lunch/brunch, maybe a Chinese chicken salad, cold or room temp salmon with dill sauce. Tea sandwiches were mentioned in another thread,ie cucumber, crab salad, egg salad, chick salad using bread minus crusts or cocktail size bread. Maybe check with older sister for her fav dessert.

      1. There is this wacky salad that I thought my Mom told me her friend from "The South" gave her the recipe. I've served it at girly-type parties (bridal, baby, etc) and everyone loves it. We just call it "Peas, Peanut and Bacon Salad"
        spanish peanuts
        sour cream
        minced green onions
        shredded cheddar
        crumbled bacon
        frozen min peas
        The idea is to stir and serve while the mini peas are still frozen. You have to taste test as you go along. Black pepper is ok but I never add salt. There is never any left.
        It's got bacon- 'nuff said!

        1. Thank you all for the great ideas! I was thinking of doing some salads and fruits, and maybe cup cakes to keep it simple. My future sister-in-law also suggested some ball park themed food ideas that would be fun since my sister's wedding colors have to do with the Royals.

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            Are Pigs in a Blanket just too retro? You could do all sorts of fancy mustards. They would be something substantial to go along with the salads and fruit.

          2. I love brunch. You can do most of the cooking ahead of time and almost nothing needs to be served hot. A very nice brunch for a shower would be a champagne brunch. Instead of omelets you could make a strata which is prepared totally ahead of time.

            Some suggested appetizers might include: prosciutto wrapped melon, cream cheese filled dates, Shrimp cocktail or raw bar, smoked fish

            I think multi colored cupcakes or decorated cookies would be great. And don't forget to have tons of plain champagne and mimosas