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What's on your breakfast menu?

What do u guys like to eat for breakfast?

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  1. I really only go to any trouble on weekends. During the week I usually have cereal with fruit and either yogurt or milk; a toasted Milton's whole grain english muffin w/cheese and tomato plain or grilled or a sliced hard boiled egg; and occasionally a whole grain waffle with an egg. On weekends I like to make cottage cheese pancakes or whole grain pancakes with fruit salad, yogurt and maple syrup. Or else I make a variety of frittatas keeping the leftoves for the odd weekday breakfast. And occasionally I get my favorite smoked salmon and farmer cheese and bagels or else whitefish salad from Fairway on their mini bagels and I have a banquet. Oh, and plenty of coffee! I LOVE breakfasts.

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      Looove breakfast - if I had enough time and energy, it would be the most glorious meal...I am perfecting a few combinations these days, and although, they may not sound glorious to others, they certainly brighten my mornings:
      * Belgian waffles with TJ's European yogurt, peaches, cherries and almonds (winter variations include mango, defrosted cherries and kiwis)
      * Shredded spoonfuls with fresh blueberries, peaches, kefir, cinnamon and mint
      * Steel-cut oats with berries, bananas, walnuts, and rum
      * French toast with oranges, blackberries, kiwis and Grand Marnier (I should add that the alcohol is there for the flavor, in minuscule quantities)
      * Multigrain sourdough with almond butter, bananas, and rhubarb compote

      I am not much of a savory-breakfast person (as you can imagine by now), but an occasional egg sandwich with cheddar, caramelized onions, and wilted spinach hits a spot.

    2. Yeah I only go all out on the weekends. As of late, that's kind of fallen to the back burners.

      typical weekday breakfast rotates around the following:

      1, hot cereal - oatbran usually. (During the winter I'll make a batch of Steel cut oats.)
      2, one piece of toast with peanut butter
      3, one piece of toast with 1 egg - either done "toad in a hole" or fried egg placed on top
      4, two Lifestream organic waffles, various flavours (favorite now is Fig&Flax) with maple syrup.
      5, one english muffin with peanut butter and honey
      6, a small bowl of cereal with 1%milk - muffets, fiber 1, weetabix

      These choices above ALWAYS are accompanied by a small bowl of fruit (strawberries, blue berries, raspberries, grapes, pineapple), 1 multivitamin and a glass of water

      I take breakfast pretty serious as I always need a little jump and I find the more wholesome it is, the better my energy for the day

      typical weekend breakfast - 2 scrambled eggs with 1 piece of toast. Sometimes I'll make pancakes from scratch and fry some bacon. Those are the days I have DH drooling..LOL

      1. Love breakfast - might be anything. But lately I've been playing with strata. Think breakfast bread pudding - yummy. I mix up the night before - once I let it go 2 nights was good anyway. Pop in oven and ready to go by the time I am. Good room temp too or reheated. the list is endless though - waffles, egs bene, muffins, omelets, french toast - u name it ill eat it for breakfast. Tend to like all savory breakfast items except bisquits and sausage.

        1. Like others I only go to real trouble on weekends...

          Weekdays: a double americano from my own machine plus either plain yogurt with berries and cereal; toasted english muffin w poached egg and a slice of cheddar, for mornings when I'm in a rush homemade blueberry or morning glory muffins...or oatmeal with fruit on top when it's cold.

          Weekends: Eggs either over easy or scrambled, or in a fritatta with veggies that need to be used up... french toast/french toast casserole, pancakes or waffles...which if I double the batch can be frozen and used later in the week.

          1. I cannot leave the house without my oatmeal (cooked in water, lots of salt, and a teaspoon of currants). This is followed by our homemade yogurt topped with fruit (bananas or stewed fruit with cardamon) and bran flakes. At least 2 cups of tea for me, and some coffee for the husband.

            1. During kitchen renovations we've primarily been eating open-face pbjs and drinking oj straight from the carton (I drink no pulp, my husband drinks extra pulp so we each have our own carton) to reduce the dishes we'll have to wash without a kitchen sink.

              When the kitchen is available we generally eat gluten-free muffins (apple peanut butter, banana/nut, blueberry, sweet potato/cranberry, etc) or bread (zucchini/tahini, banana, pumpkin, etc.), gf cereal with almond mylk, or gf frozen waffles, with oj or smoothies (frozen bananas, oj, and frozen fruit: blueberries, strawberries, cherries, mango, blackberries, raspberries, etc.) or gf cereal with almond mylk on weekdays. On weekends we have gf blueberry or chocolate chip pancakes or fried potatoes with salsa or a scone, or occasionally brown rice with almond mylk, with smoothies.

              When travelling we often have tortilla chips with salsa or hummus or gf cookies and bananas and juice for breakfast.

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                lgss: do you do most of your own GF baking, or do you buy the muffins & quick breads somewhere? i've yet to find a decent packaged product, but sometimes i wish i didn't always have to bake everything from scratch!

                on a whim, i bought a small bag of "orgran" GF pancake mix, figuring one day if i was craving pancakes and feeling reeally lazy i'd try it. i have to say, they weren''t awful...but it definitely nowhere near as good as my own.

                ok, back to the OP...

                breakfast is an absolute *must* for me, but like most other posters, weekdays are very simple:

                cottage cheese or yogurt with GF oat bran, ground flax, fruit & nuts
                egg whites [scrambled, omelette or frittata], side of fruit & nuts
                protein shake, side of fruit & nuts
                GF oatmeal, oat bran or other hot cereal with protein powder & nuts or nut butter
                homemade GF granola or GF muffin with cottage cheese, yogurt, or protein shake

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                  We bake our own (most bread and muffin recipes from Bette Hagman's "The Gluten-Free Gourmet Bakes Bread") except for one kind of store bought bread which we use so rarely when our kitchen is available that we usually freeze half the loaf and put half in the fridge.

                  My husband makes our pancakes most of the time.

              2. I hate breakfast. I only have something to eat that early because of the pills I have to take. Usually it's oatmeal cooked in chicken broth, OJ, and either cappucino or Formosa oolong. Bah Humbug.

                1. Usually a piece of rye toast w/ butter and peanut butter and a cup of hot tea. When I want to mix it up I may toast a piece of Trader Joe's french toast and top it off w/ an organic fried egg -up! If I'm going to work out, I'll fry up some Egg Beater w/ yolk and have it w/ a piece of whole wheat or rye toast & a glass of milk & tea.

                  My fave breakfast would be eggs benedict - i love poached eggs - w/ lots off hollandaise and O'Briend home fries. Slap me w/ some spicy breakfast sausage w/ real maple syrup and I am in pure, gluttonous heaven, baby!

                  1. Breakfast is my favorite meal when we eat out. Best breakfasts are delicous fried rice, machaca, chilaquiles, pork chops and rice, pork steak and gravy. We could make it all at home but it seems like a special treat to go out and have someone pour the coffee and wait on us.

                    1. Bailey's French Toast! Like most others here, we usually only make an effort on weekends and it's usually some form of SSWS (Sweet Stuff With Syrup), meaning french toast, pancakes or waffles. And always, always, REAL maple syrup.

                      In case anyone's wondering, the Bailey's French Toast is really simple. Just substitute Bailey's for the milk in the egg mixture. For 4 slices of french toast, bout 1/4 C should do it (2 eggs), maybe slightly more. I don't add my usual vanilla, cinnamon or nutmeg in this case because I think the Bailey's flavor comes through better without it. Just watch the heat, the Bailey's high sugar content can cause it to burn/get dark more quickly.

                      That, some orange juice and some good coffee - YUM!

                      1. Sunday's: we either make muffins or waffles, in the winter steel cut oats are added to the rotation. The muffins are usually oatmeal based with lots of fruit or vegetables: apple/cranberry, banana, pumpkin, did some nice zucchini last week.

                        Rest of the week: Breakfast food (something with some fiber and not too much sugar) with fruit (right now, its peaches or strawberries, but lots of the time, its frozen wild blueberries, thawed in the microwave), in the summer, I do muesli at least once a week http://blog.firecooked.com/2007/06/02..., and in the winter, occasionally nuke some regular oatmeal.

                        And coffee.

                        1. Homemade wild boar/duck sausage (or Antelope cutlets)
                          Breaded deep fried eggs
                          Homemade buttermilk biscuits
                          Mustard Greens in Filo dough (with cheese, of course)
                          Orange juice
                          Coffee with Coffee Pot de Creme for desert
                          Well, maybe it's more brunch than breakfast - but if I can have it all at once I'm happy to wait till nearly noon to get it.

                          1. today I fed 7 teenage boys :
                            1 lb maple sausage links
                            1 lb Bob Evans bulk sausage roll
                            1 1/2 lbs homemade bacon

                            1 gallon orange juice

                            2 batches of pancake batters (inc 6 eggs and 3 cups of milk)
                            a couple handfuls of chocolate chips

                            1. Almost always tea, lately green, black in cold weather. When it gets really hot, I drink the green tea cold from the fridge, made the night before. I'm very big on eggs and toast with jam or butter. I like steel cut oats until it's just too hot to eat them, which is usually about this time of year. Then I switch to plain yogurt with granola or fruit or honey, or cereal with milk, but I'm not much of a morning cereal eater, prefer it as an evening snack. On weekends, I like to make waffles, pancakes, french toast, congee, toad in the hole, frittata, breakfast burritos, poach eggs and make hollandaise, or bake cinnamon rolls or sticky buns or crumpets or english muffins if I'm feeling ambitious. I love breakfast, and prefer a protein component, so I don't feel sleepy midmorning.

                              1. It's Sunday, so I'm about to whip up a full English: bacon, black pudding, fried mushrooms, grilled tomatoes and maybe some scrambled eggs if I can be bothered to dirty an extra pan.

                                During the week, I have toast with various toppings (usually savoury) or homemade granola.

                                1. During the work week, it's usually oatmeal, organic oats cooked with raisins and walnuts, topped with either maple syrup or honey and some milk, and then a banana. Or, if I'm in a huge rush on my way to work, natural peanut butter & strawberry jam on Arnold's Flax and Fiber bread, banana and cup of milk. Sometimes I eat this while driving to work, heh. Or, it will be plain 2% or 0% Fage yogurt with strawberries and honey, and a banana. On weekends, I really live it up with soft-boiled eggs and toast, or today I made 2 scrambled eggs with little dollops of cream cheese and, on a whim, I added some of the toasted garlic from our pasta with aglio & olio leftover from last night's dinner, which I really loved. Always a cup of good coffee with breakfast while reading the morning paper...I try to stick to only one cup...today I'm jonesing for a second...hee!

                                  1. steel cut oatmeal with fruit

                                    1. A really good (dense, chewy) whole wheat bagel, toasted, then topped with avocado, sliced tomato, a little salt and aleppo pepper.

                                      1. The last time I had guests for brunch I served buffet and had chunks of boneless chicken stewed in chicken gravy; a baked ham; baking powder biscuits to go with both; a strata made with sharp cheddar cheese, green peppers, onions, spicy sausage, and plenty of eggs; a casserole of hot scalloped apples; ripe Mexican papaya with wedges of lime; a pecan coffee cake; good Puerto Rican coffee.

                                        1. My breakfasts are largely determined by what it's feasible to put together while overseeing and feeding breakfast to a toddler. Thus, no cooking to speak of. Usually I eat whole wheat toast with butter and jam or jelly (right now I'm working my way through last winter's homemade orange marmalade and pomegranate jelly), and either cottage cheese or chicken sausages. Daughter eats the same, except no jam or jelly lest she rub it into her hair.

                                          No matter what, I find time to brew a pot of tea (usually English Breakfast) and secrete most of it in a thermos mug to drink throughout the morning. Anything I haven't drunk by about 11 becomes iced tea in the afternoon.