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Jun 27, 2008 06:50 PM

Who has the most inventive desserts in St. Louis?

So, I get to see Gladys Knight and Al Green in concert on July 13th at the Fabulous Fox Theatre, and I'm already having trouble sitting still at work!! It will be my first time in St. Louis, so of course we're going to make it into a mini vacation. I've been perusing the boards for restaurant suggestions, and have singled out a few, but I'm wondering who has the best and most interesting desserts? Let's face it... I skip right over the mains to look at the desserts first to see if I need to save room!

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  1. I haven't lived in StL in a while, but The Royal on S. Kingshighway (just south of Tower Grove Park) has a take on the Suzy-Q they call the Boozy-Q (or something like it. I know it's a one-off desert, but it's darn tasty.

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      Mathew Rice at Niche has great desserts, plus he has the bakeshop called Veruca. Down the street Christy Augustin has really good desserts at Sidney Street. The savory foods at both of these restaurants are worth looking at, and not just skipping them.

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        Speaking of Niche and Sidney St., how far in advance do you think I would need to make reservations?

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          You can use to see if Niche has anything available. If you want to come in at a peak time, I'd give yourself a week or two....Sidney Street the same. Both spot have a bar area that you can eat at if you are lucky enough to get a chair.

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            I've been able to get "primetime" weekday reservations at niche the same day (most recently... called in at 10am on a tuesday, got a res from 7pm that night).

            For weekends, if you're married to a specific time, I'd say 10-14 days in advance. If you're will to dine at 9pm, a week or less is do-able.

    2. If you have not been to St. Louis, then the only way to go is Ted Drewes. Two locations, one on Grand, where the Fox is located, albeit further south.

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        I love Ted Drewes, but I'd hardly deem his offerings inventive or interesting. However, if you're still craving something sweet after the show is over, a drive down Grand (a bit over four miles, to be exact) for a concrete nightcap may be the ticket.

        1. re: alan

          Greetings, Alan!

          As far as being inventive in the current (or slightly dated) style of desserts that are
          plated, arty, and architectural, well, no, a Ted Drewes “concrete” isn’t that.

          But I would argue that it is inventive, or once was, so much so that the Ted Drewes concrete was the prototype for the many hapless imitators that followed, most notably the Dairy Queen “Blizzard.”

          Even today, the concrete is still ingenious, and the *experience* of a concrete is truly unique, especially for first-timers.

          I’d wager that a “concrete” [incredibly thick soft-serve frozen custard]
          competes on a flavor level with just about anything else. And because it’s a food experience unlike any other, and so pleasurable, it’s the one food, the one craving, that is still my favorite food memory in St. Louis after living there thirty years.

          First, it's the frozen custard, not often found in the US, and richer than ice cream because of the additional eggs.
          Second, that texture – a concrete is so thick (well, it is called a “concrete”) that you can turn your paper cup upside down and the contents won’t run out. .
          Then, the flavors: the high-quality fruit flavors, the chocolate, hot fudge, caramel, pistachio. My favorite concretes were the blueberry, pistachio, and raspberry hot fudge (yes, those two together).
          The visuals: the retro building with the fake icicles (this is the Chippewa location), the beehive of activity inside the store that is a business model of productivity and efficiency.

          And then, there is the community/sociological aspect of Ted Drewes -- it's a slice of St. Louis culture in the hot, humid summertime. Happy, contented people mingling outside, waiting for their creations and rife with anticipation, or enjoying them.

          I wouldn’t miss it for the world, Katie Nell. Perfect after an Al Green concert, too.

          Two locations:

          4224 S Grand Blvd. – this is the one down the same street as the Fox Theatre
          St. Louis, MO 63111
          (314) 352-7376

          6726 Chippewa
          St. Louis, MO 63109
          (314) 481-2652
          (314) 481-2124


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            The retro Chippewa location with the fake icicles.
            The concrete, upside down.
            The sign.

      2. Bailey's Chocolate Bar. You can drink AND eat dessert...


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          I'd caution the OP against bailey's. I've repeatedly had awful service there, and every time we go there's ALWAYS two or three things that they're "out of" on the menu (on weekday nights, around 8pm). Last time it was the crepes, the cinnamon ice cream and the cheesecake. As well as a handful of their beers. Wouldn't be a problem if we had been told... before we ordered. That's just one of the examples of what we refer to as "chocolate bar service hell"

          additionally, I don't find their desserts terribly creative -- sure, the chocolate-pear bread pudding is somewhat different. But if you look at the menu, for the most part, there's nothing that really goes beyond chocolate cake and ice cream sundaes. don't get me wrong, the desserts are usually very tasty. I just wouldn't call them "inventive".

        2. OH! There is this new ice cream shop in Midtown by SLU. The Fountain on Locust. A mere 3 blocks from the Fox!! I haven't been there but it looks neat. They also serve food and drinks. Looks like an newer Crown Candy with booze.

          Fountain on Locust
          3037 Locust St, Saint Louis, MO

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          1. re: CheesemongersWife

            Sauce Magazine readers just voted Cyrano's as having the most popular desserts for 5 years in a row.

            1. re: CheesemongersWife

              This is probably late for you, but my daughter and I ventured over to The Fountain on Thursday night. We were warmly welcomed, and enjoyed sharing a decadent sundae, whose name I can not remember. It was a tuilip glass lined with homemade hot fudge, and filled with Zanzibar chocolate ice cream, marshmallow cream (very creamy) and whippped cream. The ice cream is from the Cedar Crest dairy in Manitowoc,Wi. Oy. Joy, the owner and artist, recommended we try the black cherry and coconut almond joy ice creams on our next visit.
              The restaurant itself is gorgeous: a restored Stutz Bearcat showroom from 1916, with Joy's wonderful art deco murals and a traditional tile floor.
              Go and enjoy!

            2. Harvest - the bread pudding is superb! It is discussed in other posts. Just search for "Harvest". Good luck.