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Jun 27, 2008 05:32 PM

Henning's German Restaurant in Frederick, MD

Walking distance from Hampton Inn, white tablecloth type place, a bar frequented by a younger crowd of men. restaurant was poorly attended on a weekday evening. most tables were empty. main courses close to $20. service is friendly, accomodating and courteous. food was a big disappointment. not at all like the good German food we enjoyed when on tour of Germany. Wienerschnitzel, the staple to judge a German restaurant by, was a tasteless, dried out heap of meat that was probably taken out of the fridge and reheated or out of the freezer and defrosted. the salad was soggy tasteless greens. even the bread was a disappointment. I thought Germans really prided themselves on their bread, but not in this place. My dinner companion order the daily special and was equally disappointed. The only high point: the glass of lager I chose was good.

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  1. We just moved to Frederick in October and had heard about this place. Thanks so much for the we know.

    1. You might be interested in the positive review that Tom Sietsema gives to Schmankerl Stube in Hagerstown in this Sunday's Washington Post magazine. I've never been there, but it sounds like it's worth a trip.

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        For anyone who loves traditional Bavarian German food and beer, the Schmankerl Stube is definitely worth a visit. My husband and I both spent several years of our young adult lives living and working in Germany and sometimes we crave a good German meal. During the many years we lived in Frederick County we would often drive the backroads up to Hagerstown on a sunny Saturday or Sunday late afternoon and end at the Stube. The best place to dine is in the outdoor Biergarten at the back of the restaurant where you can sit in the dappled sunlight provided by the large tree canopy overhead. The food is heavy, hearty, and tasty. My favorite meal there was always a simple bowl of soup, a serving of their delicious bread, and a couple of "Biers vom fass!" Be sure to say hello to the owner, Charlie Sekula, a very warm and friendly guy.

      2. My husband and I have enjoyed going to Henning's for the past two years. The service is attentive, if a little slow, and the food has always been to our liking. My MIL is German, considers her spatzle to be the best that she has ever had -until she ate at Henning's. I have always gotten a tender and flavorful cutlet, regardless of the version that I have chosen. The rolls have always been warm and fresh, and I quite like the composed salad. I also appreciate that they serve Beck's non-alcoholic beer. Too many places only have O'Doul's. I'm sorry that this place doesn't have the business that they should. I'm not going to say that it's better than Schmankerl Stube because I have not dined there. I will say that it is better than the chain restaurants that come with 45 minute waits and no personality. It tastes pretty good to me... and my German in-laws. ;)