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Jun 27, 2008 05:27 PM

Recent Block Island recs?

I'd love any Block Island recs for breakfast, lunch, dinner... Six people in July. We're staying at the Spring House.


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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Whenever we go we love Eli's for dinner. It is right when you get off the ferry down a side street. Chaple Street. It is small, like a little house, I read no resos and usually quite a wait but great food and atmosphere. We have had lunch at The Oar, I remember the food was very good, casual, you can sit on the upper deck overlooking the water. I know there are fancier restaurants for dinner like Manasee's. Enjoy! It is a beautiful place!

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        We're going this weekend - any other recommendations?

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          Mohegan Cafe - located on Water Street (near the ferry landing)

          I second The Oar and Eli's though I've only had breakfast at the Oar.

          In addition I've always had great meals at Beachhead.

          Try the Hotel Mannises for great desserts and coffee drinks made tableside, it was wonderful.

          check out for further reviews

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            I went to Manisses this past Wednesday and it was outstanding, right at the bottom of the hill from The Spring House.

    2. I'll put in a nod for the Beachhead. We were there in the spring. The routine was, get in early to get a seat at the bar facing the water - can't beat the view, the crowd was friendly, and the food was fine.

      They may have opened a porch in front facing the water for the summer, so it might be easier now to get that view.

      Another idea - the grocery store in town serves a pretty tony crowd, so it has some pretty good take out-type food. We loaded up on food and wine and had a great lunch at the SE light.