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Jun 27, 2008 05:23 PM

Fairfax Corner - GAR?

Wife and I have a night w/o kids tomorrow. Want a place to walk around before or after the meal. I thought there was a Coastal Flats in Ffx Corner, but can't find it on their site. Am I correct and the site is not?

Also, while on the subject, where else should we consider? I put out Lightfoot in LBurg. We're in Reston. I also put out Il Fornaio in Reston Town Center.

Actually - I remembered that it wasn't Coastal Flats but rather Bonefish Grill. Is that worthwhile? Otherwise - give me suggestions, please!

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  1. Coastal Flats is still in Fairfax Corner, but it's a ridiculous wait, so be prepared. We always fell back on Ruth Chris or CPK when nothing else was available. You could always try Artie's as well, which is down the road on 123, I think.

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      Thanks - I thought it was there, but their site still doesn't have that location listed. We both like Artie's and Sweetwater, but the walking around issue doesn't help with either (Sweetwater Merrifield location anyway).

      1. re: Dennis S

        It's on the GAR site: http://www.greatamericanrestaurants.c.... The location is given as Fairfax, not Fairfax Corner, in case that was the source of your confusion. Anyway, like other GAR restaurants, you can help avoid waiting by calling ahead to get placed on the list.

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        I think it was Fairfax Corner (not too far from Wegman's?) where we were heading for Coastal Flats, saw a huge line, and went to Rio Grande (Uncle Julio's). No wait, good chow. There were several restaurants around the parking lot. We considered PF Chang's before settling on the TexMex.

        I'm not sure about where the Bonefish is, Dennis, but I've eaten in a few of them (all outside the DC/Fairfax area) and have always been happy with the food. If you see one, you'll problbly enjoy it.

      3. Your post is a little confusing. Coastal Flats is in Fairfax Corner, but there are many places nearby where you can get as good a meal for the same price or even a little less.

        You're in Reston and looking for a place to walk around? Obviously, Reston Town Center meets that requirement, but everything there is a chain.

        Whenever I'm near a GAR I always look for better food. The short-smoked salmon all over the menu is just too tedious for me.

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        1. re: BigEats

          Sorry for the confusion. Yes, in Reston, and yes, we try to avoid Town Center. Most often if it's just for dinner I know many places in Reston to go. We've already been a couple of times to Cafe Montmartre, so that takes Lake Anne out of the pic. Old town Herndon doesn't give enough to walk around. Wife thought of Ffx corner so I was trying to get as much chow-worthiness as possible.

          Anyone know if there's anything worthwhile in Cascades area (the one up on Rt 7)?

          1. re: Dennis S

            Well, I live on the other side of the county, in Springfield, and the ultimate in walking around and eating in non-chains is Old Town Alexandria. That's too far from you.

            A close second is Clarendon, in Arlington. Getting better and better from the food standpoint, and very walk-around friendly.

            My choice in Reston is El Manantiel, in a little shopping plaza off Wiehle. Extremely good tapas and continental cuisine, family owned and operated, and with a nice park to stroll along afterwards.