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Roast Chicken sides?

Other than plain mashed potatoes or rice (any dressed up versions?)...What do you like to have with your roasted chicken?

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  1. I like to go ahead and roast some veggies since I got the chicken in anyway. We like corn pudding or cream corn too.

    1. Roasted asparagus, broccoli, cauliflower, or Brussels sprouts/EVOO & S & P
      String beans - steamed or sauteed with onions, garlic & bell peppers
      Carmelized onions
      Any other vegetable you can think of, either steamed, roasted, or mashed....like turnips, parsnips.....corn on the cob

      1. I also often put veggies to roast under and around the chicken - so it pickes up some of the flavor of the drippings and caramelizes as well.

        I make gravy or thin sauce from the chicken drippings (de-fatted and rich with whatever seasonings I used for the chicken) to serve over any mashed potatoes or mix into rice at the last few minutes of cooking.
        I'm sure someone will mention the Zuni chicken recipe - served with the drippings over roasted bread croutons.
        Which leads to a mention of stuffing or dressing.

        Any nice rice pilaf, couscous, quinoa, etc with nuts or dried fruits or fresh herbs.
        I suppose its a bit boring, but I do love green beans with the chicken. (sorry dont know if you were specifically looking for starch sides only)

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          Along the lines of the Zuni chicken drippings over bread, it's also great over rice. I add garlic cloves the last 20 minutes or so with the raosting chicken and then pour that w/ drippings into rice. You can fry it like fried rice or leave the rice soft. It's better than the bread, IMO. Then I have green vegetables, or whatever is in season, even if it's just a salad.

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            "I also often put veggies to roast under and around the chicken - so it picks up some of the flavor of the drippings and caramelizes as well."

            That also works just fine for me. A green salad on the side on you're good to go.

          2. My husband's preference, when asked what he wants with roast chicken, is a knife and fork.

            We both like green beans, I love Hopkinson's olive oil mashed potatoes, and I usually serve a plum chutney that a friend of mine makes every fall. A wine jelly is also nice. I tend to keep it pretty simple, and usually only roast a chicken for the two of us (the kitchen gets too hot and smoky to do this when guests come).

            1. Spelt with white raisins; Pineapple couscous;

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                Could you share your recipe for the pineapple couscous?

              2. Guacamole, salsa, and flour tortillas with roast chicken is a typical meal around here.

                1. No one's mentioned polenta yet, so I will. Soft and plain, or already set, or soft with butter and/or cheese, all good.

                  Also, a pile of grilled corn tortillas is fantastic.

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                    Polenta is an excellent accompaniment along with a salad made of fresh butter lettuce and a sherry vinaigrette. Occasionally, I will make the salad and lay out on platter and place the cut up pieces of the roast chicken on top the salad. I saw Jacques Pepin do this on occasion and makes for a nice single platter dinner. In my opinion, this makes for a spring or summer like dish.

                  2. Roasted baby yukon gold potatoes are what I love with roasted chicken, that's what I'm making tomorrow, with any luck.

                    1. Raw watercress. I plate the meat directly on the leaves. The residual heat softens the leaves and the juices and sauce (if any) dresses them. The cress's dark green makes an ideal visual foil and its fresh peppery flavour contrasts refreshingly with the meat's mellow savour. Plus it's quick, easy, doesn't require an extra pan/burner and can be prepared in advance.

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                        carswell, that is a super idea. watercress is underused in america.

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                          I know JC's recipes often suggest this - I should do it more often - thanks for posting this.

                        2. Creamed spinach or spinach souffle, a tomato, cucumber and onion salad that's marinated in some kind of Italian dressing/vinaigrette for a day or so, and corn on the cob.

                          (Don't ask for the spinach souffle recipe, because I cheat and use Stouffer's.)

                          1. I stuff my chicken with salt & pepper, onions, garlic, cilantro, celery, and butter the skin. Then I rest the chicken on a bed of onions, potatoes, and carrots for roasting. With a nice mixed green salad on the side, I need nothing more.

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                              I find my preferences are seasonal.
                              In cold weather I like roast veg., potatoes with drippings or gravy or polenta but the fat in a sauce or roast veg. slightly dulls the taste of the chicken.
                              In warm weather I prefer salad or bread salad a la Zuni, the mellow acid in a light balsamic vinaigrette brings out the chickeny taste by stimulating the salivary glands IMHO.
                              Tonight I am roasting a chicken (3.5 lbs) which has been marinating in a freezer bag with crushed garlic (12 -15 cloves) and Franks Red Hot for about 36 hours. About an hour or so before cooking I will wipe off the marinade and sprinkle with baking powder (to dry up the skin a bit and aid browning) and salt. I will roast it in a Weber Kettle at about 550 F for 50-60 mins. I will likely make a salad but it is tempting to chop up some celery and carrots and add a bit of blue cheese dressing!

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                                That sounds just amazing! I may copy you. :-)

                            2. in french street markets, they dump a bunch of potatoes under the roasting chickens...there's nothing better, and you don't have to do anything but split them and toss them in a touch of olive oil and salt before putting them under the chicken...you can even use the potatoes as the roasting rack, although i prefer putting them under the rack itself. bon app!


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                                We do this also - sometimes adding other veggies like onions, carrots, parsnips, etc. Delicioso!!

                              2. gotta have mashed potatoes, & sausage stuffing with pan gravy in my house.

                                Other than that, typically a steamed veggie(broccoli, cauliflower, etc)

                                and a green salad. Roast chicken is such a basic/informal meal, I do not go all out on the sides, and stay traditional..

                                I have tried roasting the chicken on top of sliced potatoes, onions, and garlic, and it has turned out very good as well.

                                1. Yorkshire pudding from the pan drippings. You always get more drippings with chicken than with beef...it's delicious!

                                  1. JalapeƱo and cheddar cheese grits. :) MMMMmmmm In a sacrilegious divergence from the typical southern recipe for grits, I make mine with a nice chicken broth, add ground chipotle, then cook the grits. After that's done, I add shredded sharp Cabot hunter's cheese and stir until nice and creamy. Phew. :) Though, really, it's better in the winter. :)