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Jun 27, 2008 04:53 PM

Roast Chicken sides?

Other than plain mashed potatoes or rice (any dressed up versions?)...What do you like to have with your roasted chicken?

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  1. I like to go ahead and roast some veggies since I got the chicken in anyway. We like corn pudding or cream corn too.

    1. Roasted asparagus, broccoli, cauliflower, or Brussels sprouts/EVOO & S & P
      String beans - steamed or sauteed with onions, garlic & bell peppers
      Carmelized onions
      Any other vegetable you can think of, either steamed, roasted, or turnips, parsnips.....corn on the cob

      1. I also often put veggies to roast under and around the chicken - so it pickes up some of the flavor of the drippings and caramelizes as well.

        I make gravy or thin sauce from the chicken drippings (de-fatted and rich with whatever seasonings I used for the chicken) to serve over any mashed potatoes or mix into rice at the last few minutes of cooking.
        I'm sure someone will mention the Zuni chicken recipe - served with the drippings over roasted bread croutons.
        Which leads to a mention of stuffing or dressing.

        Any nice rice pilaf, couscous, quinoa, etc with nuts or dried fruits or fresh herbs.
        I suppose its a bit boring, but I do love green beans with the chicken. (sorry dont know if you were specifically looking for starch sides only)

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          Along the lines of the Zuni chicken drippings over bread, it's also great over rice. I add garlic cloves the last 20 minutes or so with the raosting chicken and then pour that w/ drippings into rice. You can fry it like fried rice or leave the rice soft. It's better than the bread, IMO. Then I have green vegetables, or whatever is in season, even if it's just a salad.

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            "I also often put veggies to roast under and around the chicken - so it picks up some of the flavor of the drippings and caramelizes as well."

            That also works just fine for me. A green salad on the side on you're good to go.

          2. My husband's preference, when asked what he wants with roast chicken, is a knife and fork.

            We both like green beans, I love Hopkinson's olive oil mashed potatoes, and I usually serve a plum chutney that a friend of mine makes every fall. A wine jelly is also nice. I tend to keep it pretty simple, and usually only roast a chicken for the two of us (the kitchen gets too hot and smoky to do this when guests come).

            1. Spelt with white raisins; Pineapple couscous;

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                Could you share your recipe for the pineapple couscous?