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Jun 27, 2008 04:40 PM

Aureole or Robuchon

I have to take a friend out to a thank-you dinner. Which one of these two spots do you think is the better restaurant, taking food, drink and a bit more of a fun environment into account?

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  1. Robuchon is definitely a more 'lively' atmosphere. Aureole is a bit more conservative. Both have excellent food, drink and service - although I might rate Robuchon a bit higher in this category as well since you can build your own tasting menu from many different small plates.

    1. I like Robuchon, is has a much better feel. I think Aureole is too stuffy I had a really arrogant semellier that put a negative spin on my dining experience.

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        Go to Robuchon. French food with a Japanese twist. Small plates. Great amuse bouche, dessert.

      2. Ate at Robuchon recently. One of the best meals I've had in ages.

        1. I adore Aureole: creative and delicious food, attentive and friendly service, and lovely decor. I've wanted to try Robuchon, but I had less than a stellar dinner in the Las Vegas location in December. I'm sticking with Aureole.