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Jun 27, 2008 04:30 PM

coming to paris - any fun/neat/odd foodie can't miss places?


i love paris, and im coming for a trip in august. i just can't wait because i absolutely love paris :)

are there any fun/funky/interesting/odd/misc foodie places that i absolutely can't miss? any quirky parisian gems? maybe a vintage bar ware shop? or fun mustard boutique?

i'm just looking for some great places to visit that are delightful and definitely off the tourist path :)

i prefer my souvenirs to be edible or cooking gadget related ;)

thanks in advance :)

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  1. Le Souffle is very good, certianly a great place considering everything you can get is souffles, you name it they have so many ingredients, and the souffles are baked to perfection. When I went there they offered a 3-course menu, well worth it.

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      A general note:
      Please keep in mind that lots of smaller bistrots, patisseries, etc. will be closed for some time in August (Le Soufflé for 3 weeks).

      1. re: Dodo

        do you happen to know when in August?

        1. re: epop

          Depends on the place. Some close from late July and reopen in early September, others simply take two weeks off. When simply depends on when they feel like it. The Michelin is one guide that lists the dates - for the more lowly bib rated restaurants as well as the starred ones.

          1. re: PhilD

            Thank you for the clarification. I will be the there the end of August. I like the quiet of the city then.

    2. Do not miss the chocolates, macarons and ice-cream from Jean-Paul Hevin. Incredibly delicious. While the macarons at Pierre Herme can be overpowering in their creminess [I still enjoy them very much], do try a croissant there - it's buttery goodness. I also like their cannelles a lot.

      Also, try to visit Denise Acabo's very expensive, but one-of-a-kind candy store [A l'Etoile d'Or] in the Pigalle area. The only place in Paris to stock Bernachon chocolate bars as well as Jacques Genin's and Michel le Roux's heavenly caramels.

      I wonder how many of these places will be open in August, though...

      1. On the Place de la Madeleine are a bunch of gourmet food stores, the names of which all seem to escape me right now. One of them is a true foodie heaven.

        And since you asked for a mustard boutique, the Maille store is also located near Place de la Madeleine, where you can find a fantastic array of mustards and vinegars.

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        1. re: linguafood

          I think linguafood means "Fauchon" and "Hediard" two up-market shops in the Madeleine (towards the northern end), both are very good, and very expensive.

          If you looking for gadgets then head to "Dehillerin" (18 rue Coquillière) which is in a road full of cookware shops, these are real alladins caves full of interesting and useful stuff - most supply professionals as well as home cooks.

          1. re: PhilD

            Ah oui, Fauchon!! It's been a while. Thanks for putting a name to the place '-)

            1. re: linguafood

              Funky, fun, unusual makes me think of Bobosse who runs the very different restaurant, "Le Quincy" on Ledru-Rollin in the 12th.

            2. re: PhilD

              There are about five kitchen/restaurant supply store in a four or five block area near Dehillerin. IMO the best is A Simon just off Etienne Marcel between Rue de Louvre and Rue Montorgueil. Maille store is also on the Place Madeleine along with Fauchon, Hediard and a couple of others with LaVinia just a block away.

              1. re: PhilD

                do you know if you can buy products over the net and have them shipped to the US? I would love to do that! What is something that can't be missed at Fauchon or Hediard? Merci.

                1. re: naughtyb

                  Fauchon and Hediard are both incredible for just looking. I would only consider them as sources for foodstuffs although I suspect they both have websites for logo items. I only go to look at the incredible preparations especially at Fauchon. Frankly I have never bought anything at either one because the prices are ridiculous and I can get better, if less elaborate, foods on my three favorite market rues - Rue Montorgueil, Rue Poncelet and Rue Cler.

                  I buy stuff from A Simon for the kitchen and the table on almost every trip. I have never ordered off their website but they have one here:


                  1. re: naughtyb

                    Hediard is my absolute favorite for fruit jellies.

                  2. re: PhilD

                    FYI "Dehillerin" closes for lunch. Not sure the time they close but they reopened at 2:00. We arrived at 1:00 couldn't read the sign on the door. Finally asked a very nice woman to translate. She told us they were closed for lunch.

                  3. re: linguafood

                    The Maille store used to have fresh mustard in a pump vessel. Shoppers would bring in their own container and pump fresh mustard. I don't know if they still do that but if you wanna taste something good, oh man! The stuff they sell in the jar tastes the same as the Maille we get in jars in the states. The fresh mustard, on the other hand is like the difference between fresh and canned asparagus!

                    1. re: Lisamay

                      That's a strong statement about mustard in a glass. I'm not sure it compares with the vileness that is asparagus in a can. Or glass, for that matter. That stuff is just an abomination.

                      1. re: linguafood

                        They still do the fresh mustard on tap and IMO the Chablis is the best of the three offered on tap. Mustard needs to be fresh to be really good and one never knows how old the jar is, especially in the US. At least what they sell in jars at the Maille shop on Place Madeleine is fresh. I also find Maille in jars either from the supermarche or Maille direct to be significanly better than what is sold here.

                        1. re: jock

                          We just returned from Dijon & Paris. I stopped in the Maille Shop in Dijon to buy mustard. I tried the three on tap and decided to wait a couple of days to purchase. I wanted to check to make sure I knew what I wanted. I went back to purchase the Chablis. They were out. Would not have any before we left:( I ended up buying three jars of other types. Have not tried yet.
                          I never did come across the shop in Paris.

                          1. re: joda

                            Sorry you miss the Chablis. It is always the first to go in the Paris shop. I always go in early in my visit and if it is available I buy it then even if I am not leaving for a couple of weeks. I postponed twice and wound up being shut out. Not any more. In Paris the Maille shop is on the Place de la Madeleine just opposite the main entrance to the Madeleine.

                            1. re: joda

                              Oh, I'm sorry about the mustard! Did you ever try any pizza?

                              1. re: Cookingthebooks

                                Not in Dijon, but he had it three times in Paris! I love pizza but I only had it once.
                                Now that we're home guess what's for dinner tonight? Pizza.
                                We make our own at home. Can't find a good one here in SOFLA.

                          2. re: linguafood

                            ok, i admit that was an extreme statement, but the fresh mustard really is really, really good!

                      2. i have been going to paris two or three times a year for the past 15 years. i probably know it better than phoenix where i live. stop by backstreet and introduce yourself. i can give you enough info to keep you busy for weeks.

                        1. Now that there are new owners, the food is as good as the atmosphere is quirky! Visit "Roger la Grenouille" in the 6th for a very amusing, interesting, and sometimes strange dining experience! Let's just say that you won't forget the evening there!