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Jun 27, 2008 04:18 PM

Wireless Access in Bay Ridge other than Starbucks.

Since the Co Op Board is giving me a hard time allowing for phone/wireless access, I need a place that can offer free wireless in Bay Ridge. I really don't want to pay for T-Mobile at Starbucks. Are there any alternatives?

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  1. Where in Bay Ridge (abouts) are you? I ask only because I live way down at the very end near the water, which would make spots in the 60s/70s a decent hike for me. That said, Omonia cafe/bakery (sp?) on Third Ave and 76th Street has -- I think -- free wireless. I was able to find nothing else (and I looked fairly thoroughly).

    In the end, I had to suck it up and get Time Warner high speed modem. Day of defeat. Good luck, though! I hope somewhere new has started offering it.

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    1. re: merrymc

      I have been able to get internet access at the Little Cupcake Bakery on 3rd and 91st.

      1. re: merrymc

        This is perfect for us. We're right near there. Thank you!

        1. re: MrsT

          I would tend to think the BR libraries offer free wireless and you wouldn't have to buy anything :-} Last I knew there was a branch on Ridge and 71-72 St and another in the 90's . Maybe 93-94 St? Might be worth investigating

          1. re: Tay

            The library on 95th and 4th is closed for renovations. The Cupcake Bakery people are cool about it and let you take your time while having a beverage.