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Jun 27, 2008 04:16 PM

Chef Chris leaving Delachaise??

According to Poppy Z. Brite's blog, Chris is leaving Delachaise!! She said he expects to make a statement soon.

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  1. Something must have gone horribly wrong because they let him be as creative as he wanted! He sure seemed happy there. Every time we ate there he would come out and tell us in detail about cheese or new menu items. If we're lucky, he will open his own place.

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    1. re: mrsfury

      God, I hope he opens his own. Or at least finds another place that lets him be as free as he seems to be at the Delachaise. I don't know what I'll do if his food isn't an option.

        1. re: Hungry Celeste

          Well, we always appreciated his efforts at the Delachaise, but you could tell he was straining to make it work in that environment without a ton of support from the front of the house. I hope the food continues to be strong, but I fear there may be no way to keep the place from turning into a meeting place for the slicked-back hair types who don't really care about food.

          I can't wait to see where he turns up next!

          1. re: Hungry Celeste

   disappointed that I never got there.

      1. I was dying to try his food and was thwarted by the oh-so-busy and inattentive bartenders who I was told were supposed to take my order. We ended up leaving and going for Chinese. What a letdown.

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        1. re: chanterelle

          Well I'm not to enthralled with eating food in a smoke filled bar.. or is it a restaurant? This place needs to ban smoking big time.. seems like its for the benefit of a few whilst the rest of us pick up lung cancer and the dry cleaning bill....yuck.

          1. re: intraview

            For those fans of Chris, I know that he is doing a "Spirited Dinner" over Tales of the Cocktail at the Country Club in the Marigny. I highly recommend checking it out. He will being working with Miles Prescott who is very talented as well....should be a great dinner. As far as the comments about the service/food/smoking at the has always struggled with the fact that it tries to be a food destination and a bar destination. That is what makes it the perfect spot for some nights and really the wrong spot for others. For example, I find it hard to get great service during prime-time bar hours, because the bar staff (who handle making drinks, keeping track of tabs, taking food orders, and figuring out where people are going to sit) seems to be more focused on getting drinks out to everyone. I have started to focus my attention on slower nights of the week and earlier in the night...I have been much happier. I would imagine that the push and pull between bar and restaurant is one of the things that probably made Chris leave. Chris will be missed, but I do look forward to trying RJ Tsarov's food...Chris speaks very highly of him and I know that he used to cook at Arnaud's.

            1. re: intraview

              You should eat at a wine BAR if you don't like smoke.

              1. re: localfoodie

                yeah right I should have to alter my behaviour because someone is so inconsiderate to light up and inflict their stink and cancer on me. Why not step outside and smoke just like they do in NY, MIA and LA? Just because you can doesn't mean you should if it bothers other people. That's why smokers are vilified.

          2. I just got back from new Orleans where we ate at the Delachaise *twice* because we loved it so much. On the second visit (June 30th) I asked our waiter if Chef Chris was in the back. He told me that he'd just quit. I was there with three other people, and we'd come specifically to eat (although we did a good bit of drinking too) and we all about fell off our chairs. However, the food was still excellent so I can vouch for it (although we *were* eating Chef Chris's specials).

            We ate at Nola, Bayona, Domilise's, Luizza's, Central Grocery, Dante's Kitchen, Jaques-Imo's, and Coop's place while we were there, but my husband and I both agreed that the Delachaise was the best of all of our meals, so this is very sad news for the restaurant.

            Interestingly- when I asked our waiter what had happened to Chef Chris he told me that he'd left to work on writing a cookbook- does anyone know if that's true?

            I can't wait to find out where he lands- I'll be there the next time I'm in new Orleans.

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            1. re: mgarland

              It's true that he's working on a cookbook.

              1. re: mgarland

                "Interestingly- when I asked our waiter what had happened to Chef Chris he told me that he'd left to work on writing a cookbook- does anyone know if that's true?"

                *sigh* Unfortunately, the Delachaise now seems dedicated to spreading as much misinformation about Chris as they can, though this particular statement was probably mistaken rather than malicious. Chris would love to do a cookbook and is talking to a couple of people about it, but he didn't leave to do one. His main goal right now is to find another N.O. cooking job where he can be as creative as he was at the Delachaise without the discomforts and constraints of that place. He has lived with me long enough to know that "writing a book" is seldom a good financial fallback plan!