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Jun 27, 2008 04:00 PM

Aleia's closing

Aleia's Restaurant, a fixture in Old Saybrook since 1993, is closing after Saturday, June 28, according to an article in the local Harbor News.

The gluten-free bakery now on the premises will be reopened after a new factory (now being built) is complete.

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  1. I live inthe area and have not heard that. I always thought that they did a fine business and, you were right, they are a fixture in Old Saybrook. Do you know where the bakery is moving too? Are they opening another restaurant or selling?

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      i understand water's edge purchased aleia's. I'm sure they'll muck up another food product there. Why not concentrate on getting their existing food product right

      1. re: ElizabethHenton

        If mommy would stay out of the kitchen it would help... :-)

      2. re: tdgrunt

        I had actually emailed Aleia's recently in regard to their GF dinner menu and received a response back as follows:

        Hi Erika,
        We use different flours in our cooking (rice flour, potato flour, tapioca flour,our pasta is a corn flour which we sell the dry pasta in our bakery) unfortunately we are not open anymore for dinner.I have attached our press release for you to read. We had a very difficult decision to make in regards to closing the restaurant segment of the business.
        Our wholesale business of our gluten free product line has taken off so much that we couldn't do both and keep the integrity of the products. We have kept our retail
        gluten free bakery open. The hours are Thursday- Saturday 11-6 pm (closed on July 19th for the day). I will attach the product list for you also.
        We have tried to get the news out to the public as it has happened so fast. We are revamping our website to also notify our customers.
        We are in the process of building a gluten free factory which we hope to move into by November. It's all very exciting for us!!
        Thanks for your email,
        Linda Allain

      3. Yawn. More gluten free bakery stuff. This is really disappointing. Do you know how hard it is to find a nice restaurant that has a GF menu from which you can order? My wife is a celiac, and she will be devastated. We went almost every week. Now it's back to dissecting every meal and having long conversations with wait staff (or going to the damn Outback, again)...
        I'm sorry, but there is so much GF bakery stuff out there that it seems that it's a saturated market. I live down the street, but I don't buy their bread. I can get all different kinds of bread and endless cookies at the local health food store. But tell me where I can order GF calamari off the menu? Or chicken parm? Or pasta? Or Pizza?
        That was helping the GF community. Selling more cookies on the internet is not revolutionary. It's boring.