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Jun 27, 2008 03:21 PM

London: seeking best sri lankan chow

and i dont mind if it's from a hole in the wall.

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  1. I'm noe expert on Sri Lankan food, in fact have only eaten at Sekara near Victoria and Jaffna House in Tooting. Both are well reviewed in various places. Jaffna House is much more of a hole in the wall place, the food is pretty simple, very cheap and searingly hot. I liked it but not all dishes are good, and there are noticeably cheap ingredients. Still enjoyable and good for the price. Better though was Sekara near Victoria, my full write up is here,
    in essence I am not sure if its more authentic than Jaffna House, probably less so. But there is much more subtlety to the spicing, better ingredients and you can still get searingly hot devilled dishes (though these were good at Jaffna House). I liked both but thought the food was objectively (as far as thats possible) better in Sekara. Hope thats of some help.

    1. Chennai Dosa in Thornton Heath is not specifically Sri Lankan (it's pretty much South Indian in general), but the place is excellent and it does have some Sri Lankan dishes.

      1. Lewisham has a few good Sri Lankan Tamil places to eat. The best of the lot (I feel) is Madras Restaurant on 244 Lewisham High Street. The service can be comical but the food is great and the lunch deals which run from 11am to 5pm are really cheap. The masala dosa is wonderful. I like almost all their South Indian specialties but they also do crowdpleasers like poppadoms, vindaloo et al.
        Other places you could check out are Arru Suvai at 19 Lee High Road (canteen sort of place, does stringhoppers, which Madras doesn't, but the sambar is not anywhere near as good as Madras') and Spice Grove at 406 Lewisham High Street (aiming to be upmarket).

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          i had lunch at madras restaurant today medgirl - thanks for the tip off.

          we had chicken 65 (as you said below, spicy deep fried chicken pieces. very moreish) and vadai which came with a really good coconut chutney followed by masala dosa and prawn kothu roti (shredded roti breads stir fieid with eggs, seafood, spring onions, green chillies etc and served with a spicy sauce - different to what i've had before and v nice). with drinks it was £18 between two of us.

          are there other dishes you recommend? i'd like to go back.

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            Sounds like a great option in the East. There's also Spice Land in West Croydon. Aachi Masala is probably Sri Lankan Tamil too.

          2. The Sri Lankan places do something called Chicken 65 that is really hot and moreish. You have to try it!

            1. Try Papaya, they have two branches.

              It's a bit different but still quite good.