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Looking for a place on Beverly for dinner with friends thats delicious and not to costly.

Looking for somewhere on Beverly i can get a delicious, not super expensive meal. we are going to MILK the ice cream place afterwards.

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    1. re: moonover

      Jar is a little expensive. I would go to BLD, though they don't take reservations.

      1. re: holleygolitely

        When did BLD stop taking reservations? I've made reservations there a few times.

        1. re: hrhboo

          I think BLD take reservations for parties over 6. At least that's what I was told the last time I was there.

    2. Hahaha zoememel - I was just thinking the same thing! Maybe we'll see each other at MILK tonight :P
      The good places I know are all expensive so I'm having a hard time also (Angelini Osteria, Grace, Jar)

      I would suggest you consider Ita-cho though. The food is inexpensive and good (although not mind blowing)
      I went there pre-MILK last time (http://gourmetpigs.blogspot.com/2008/...



      1. BLD is good. There's also Buddha's Belly and Torroni right down the street. Cobras and Matadors is also right around there. All of those are around $25-35 per person without alcohol.

        1. is Pane e Vino super expensive? i think it's moderate and love the paio.

          if you don't mind going off of beverly, hugo's on santa monica to go healthier before the gourge?

          1. I agree with Jar, although it might be more expensive than you're looking for.

            I adamantly disagree with BLD. Not that I don't like the place (I really enjoy it for breakfast, brunch, or lunch), but I have not had good experience there for dinner.

            Other options:
            - Cobras & Matadors
            - Ita-cho
            - Angelini Osteria (also may be more than you want to spend)

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              Now that Ita-cho has new owners ... has the menu changed and how does the quality of food & service compare to the original?

              1. re: yinyangdi

                Wish I could say, but I didn't discover this place until recently. We very much enjoyed it. Dessert at MILK was entirely unnecessary, but delicious as well.

              1. Hi, I'm new here and happened to notice your question. I suggest you go to The Fish Grill at the corner of Beverly and Alta Vista. It's right down the street from Milk and the food (primarily fish) is greatr and not very expensive. It's a small kosher place, and doesn't look like much (there's an outside dining area and sawdust on the floor) but if you like fish, that's the place to eat. Ypu go in, place your order, take a table and wait for them to call your order which you usually pick up yourself. I eat at their Pico Blvd. location about once a month...


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                  yeah. i have seen that place, but never gone in. are the fish tacos in a variety of different styles? how is the price? that actually sounds like an amazing idea! refreshing fish before a complete blow out at milk. thanks

                  1. re: zoememel

                    I don't lnow the prices of the Fish Grill offhand, but they are very reasonable. And as I said, the food is really good. I've never had the tacos, but there are times when I have serious cravings for their grilled fish sandwich- a soft sesame bun that's been grilled, then filled with a piece of grilled snapper (so tender!) red onion, cabbage, and tomato. They give you tartar sauce on the side. And all fish meals come with a choice of two sides (Baked potato, rice, Israeli salad or coleslaw or fries) I always go for the baked potato and cole slaw which is delicious. They have great fish and chips, too, but I always get the baked potato in place of the fries.

                    Don't be scared off by the number of black suited and hatted men you may find there. They're there for the same reason as everyone else- a good meal! :)


                2. BLD and Cobras & Matadors would both be great picks. Also, on Melrose in the general vicinity there is Lala's Argentine Grill which is tasty and inexpensive.

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                    Cobras and Matadors!!!! I love the one on Beverly, better than the one in Silverlake. I also thought of Hungry Cat, even though it's not on Beverly.

                  2. What about Hatfields? I also agree that the Beverly Cobras is the best one and very reasonable. We have always loved Ita-Cho, but didn't know it had new owners..