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Jun 27, 2008 01:45 PM

Dinner with Parents in NYC

We are going to visit NYC from Denver in October with my in-laws. They are from South Dakota and we are looking for a good restaurant that will satisfy a couple of foodies as well as a couple of mid-western meat-and-potatoes folks. We will be staying around 5th and Madison. Any suggestions are appreciated! Thank you!

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  1. Details please! What street will you be staying at? Must the restaurants be within walking distance? What is your price range? With literally thousands of restaurants, it is impossible to narrow them down without more information.

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      The B&B we are at says it is at 5th and Madison. Sorry, I'm not from around the area so that's the best I can do. We are happy to cab it to a restaurant, so walking distance isn't necessary. Just looking for great food with (hopefully) an unpretentious atmosphere. Price isn't an object. Thank you!

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        It has to be on a cross street between 5th and Madison Avenues - is it Stay The Night? If so, it's on 93rd Street.

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          The high-end places may not satisfy meat-and-potatoes types, but there are good places that are a notch below the top that will have some more basic options, along with more adventurous things that will appeal to foodies. Compass, on West 70th St., is good for this. Olana, on Madison and 27th, may work also.

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            I know I post about this place all the time, but if the OP's B&B is where I think it is, Square Meal might fit the bill. Great American food, the roast chicken is simple and amazing, as is the hamburger, but all the dishes are excellent and interesting.

      2. have heard multiple people comment on how giorgio's of gramercy is a great take the parents spot. have had a couple meals there too, and have enjoyed myself as a younger foodie, but havent been blown away by creativity either. its a good location, pleasant atmosphere, nice balance.

        1. Madison Ave only starts at 23rd Street, so there is no cross of 5th Street and Madison Avenue, and 5th Avenue and Madison Avenue run parallel to each other, so give the exact address and we might be able to give you a better idea. Coming from out of town, NYC provides good, better and best restaurants, so there are many to choose from. You probably won't have to travel that far. It is hard to combine a foodie place with a meat and potatoes place, because I would say that the high end places that most of us rave about which we would consider foodie, probably wouldn't be what would satisfy your parents.

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            You won't be able to go overboard and will have to do wine by the glass, but Wallse will impress and suprise them.