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Jun 27, 2008 01:17 PM


There's a food message in Wall-E that can be international.
The dependence on 'shakes' and those who are fed them.....this may be the ultimate dieter's flick.

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  1. I loved the part with the Twinkie. The humans have been gone from Earth for 700 years. Wall.E opens up a Twinkie for the cockroach and it was still soft and gooey. They say Twinkies have a shelf life of 1000 years.

    1. Right near Pixar in Emeryville, CA is a small Mexican-Lebanese mom-and-pop called Wally's. Prior to the release of the Wall-E there was a poster on the wall of the robot ... A Wall-E poster on Wally's wall.

      Coincidence? Well, actually yes since the restaurant has been open only about a year. Still, it was nice of probably someone at Pixar to give them a poster. Then again, Wally is probably one of the nicest, most helpful person I know

      Also the pre-release online promo had a little bit of another restaurant called Hidden City Cafe in Point Richmond where Pixar was originall located.

      It is also a great restaurant. Those Pixar people must like good food.

      1. My favorite (sort of) food-related bit was when Wall-E couldn't decide whether to store the spork he found with his spoon collection or his fork collection... but to the point of the original post, though I am not sure I would think of it as the overall dieter's flick the overall message about how the people eat 700 plus years from now is indeed more than a bit disturbing....(and as at least one review I've read points out, somewhat distracting. I enjoyed the first part of the movie before humans came into the picture most).

        1. After watching the movie I felt depressed enough to go on a diet.

          I didn't catch the twinkle shelf-life joke (didn't know about it). But I did find it amusing that the only life form on earth is a cockroach.

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            As someone who used to weigh 335 pounds before having bariatric surgery and losing 170 pounds. It was very close to home, showing humans getting warmer, if it helps one person get healthy then it worked.

            On a funnier note, the whole joke line about "growing a pizza plant" I thought was fantastic!

          2. I have to rent this.