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Jun 27, 2008 01:10 PM

Wolfgang's last night..............

This was our second visit and service has definitely improved. The place was packed and very loud. Bread was mediocre but who needs bread before a steak dinner.

Bacon was great and tomato and onions were ripe and tasty.

Steak was a perfect medium rare with a nice char. German potatoes and creamed spinach were fine.

Wine list still is average at best and wildly overpriced but corkage has been reduced to $30, still high but better than $50!

All in all I think Wolfgangs is very close to the top of the L.A. steakhouse food chain.

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  1. I agree. I think it may be the best non-kobe steak in town. The french fries are great too in case you dont like the german potatoes (i prefer the fries)

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    1. re: carln

      I saw a plate of fries as we were staggering out the door and they looked good. I will be trying them next time. Thanks!

      1. re: bigredd

        I love the mashed potatoes with the steak. Will be there again tomorrow night. I know what I'm ordering: Martini, NY steak with mashed potatoes. Sheer heaven. Hope someone will split the pecan pie.

    2. When I read your headline I thought the place was closing.

      1. <<grin>> Whatz it cost for a steak dinner for two at that joint???