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Jun 27, 2008 12:32 PM

Route 1/South Alexandria

Does anyone have any recommendations for the South Alexandria/Route 1 area? Z-Pizza is a great new addition, Pollo Ranchero (near Krispy Kreme) is good and cheap, but we're looking for more options. We eat anything (any type of food, I should say), and atmosphere is irrelevant.

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  1. Viet House (on Rt. 1, next to Fast Eddies) is the best Pho place in the area. In fact, I think their pho and spring rolls are better than any of the other highly touted competitors in NOVA. The place is immaculately clean and is usually packed with Vietnamese people – always a good sign.

    There’s a taco place (Tippy’s Tacos, I think) in a shopping center not far from the Shoppers on N. Kings that I haven’t gotten a chance to try. If you’re feeling adventurous, give it a try and report back – I’ll be curious to hear your findings.

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      Tippy's, as I've said often, is abysmal AND sometimes it's precisely what I hanker for.

      Authentic? You gotta be kidding. Guilty pleasure? Well ... shucks ... yeah.

    2. ** I should add I haven't tried any of these yet.

      1. Cosmopolitan Grill, the Bosnian place that once was, then became takeout only, has now re-opened as an informal restaurant at the Gold's Gym location on Route 1. Try the cevapcici and the bureks, then go from there.

        1. Go to Guadalejara right off Rte. 1; it's hard to find as it is in a tiny shopping strip that faces north on the west side of the highway. If there is a sign , it's hard to read. There is also an Afircan market in the same strip, a fun place to look around for some extremely exotic food and spices.

          Get the huarache con birria. They also have a fruit dessert that's nice. Make sure you hit their tiny topping bar from some jardiniera and hot peppers.

          A complete dive, but the best Mexican plate of food in the DC area. Have not tried the other offerings.

          1. Rte 1 places:
            Mike's and Pema's are decent, though not as much of a bargain as I'd like, Italian restaurants.
            A couple of locations of FIve Guys hamburger places. I like them a lot. Some don't dig them as much. But it's a must try to see whether you like them.
            I've always wanted to try Pilar's, on Huntington Ave near Rte 1, but haven't gotten around to it. Once heard it was a good place.
            Of course, lots of good places in Old Town up the road and a couple of decent places down the road in Lorton and Woodbridge.