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Route 1/South Alexandria

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Does anyone have any recommendations for the South Alexandria/Route 1 area? Z-Pizza is a great new addition, Pollo Ranchero (near Krispy Kreme) is good and cheap, but we're looking for more options. We eat anything (any type of food, I should say), and atmosphere is irrelevant.

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  1. Viet House (on Rt. 1, next to Fast Eddies) is the best Pho place in the area. In fact, I think their pho and spring rolls are better than any of the other highly touted competitors in NOVA. The place is immaculately clean and is usually packed with Vietnamese people – always a good sign.

    There’s a taco place (Tippy’s Tacos, I think) in a shopping center not far from the Shoppers on N. Kings that I haven’t gotten a chance to try. If you’re feeling adventurous, give it a try and report back – I’ll be curious to hear your findings.

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      Tippy's, as I've said often, is abysmal AND sometimes it's precisely what I hanker for.

      Authentic? You gotta be kidding. Guilty pleasure? Well ... shucks ... yeah.

    2. ** I should add I haven't tried any of these yet.

      1. Cosmopolitan Grill, the Bosnian place that once was, then became takeout only, has now re-opened as an informal restaurant at the Gold's Gym location on Route 1. Try the cevapcici and the bureks, then go from there.


        1. Go to Guadalejara right off Rte. 1; it's hard to find as it is in a tiny shopping strip that faces north on the west side of the highway. If there is a sign , it's hard to read. There is also an Afircan market in the same strip, a fun place to look around for some extremely exotic food and spices.

          Get the huarache con birria. They also have a fruit dessert that's nice. Make sure you hit their tiny topping bar from some jardiniera and hot peppers.

          A complete dive, but the best Mexican plate of food in the DC area. Have not tried the other offerings.

          1. Rte 1 places:
            Mike's and Pema's are decent, though not as much of a bargain as I'd like, Italian restaurants.
            A couple of locations of FIve Guys hamburger places. I like them a lot. Some don't dig them as much. But it's a must try to see whether you like them.
            I've always wanted to try Pilar's, on Huntington Ave near Rte 1, but haven't gotten around to it. Once heard it was a good place.
            Of course, lots of good places in Old Town up the road and a couple of decent places down the road in Lorton and Woodbridge.

            1. Something went awry with my previous post.

              Here's a list of places I've collected from various sources so far. Hope it helps. I edited before to say I haven't tried any of them yet, however.

              Peking Duck Restaurant
              Taqueria Poblano
              Tacos Y Tortas 7862 Richmond Hwy
              Taco Jalisco
              La Mexicana
              RT's (Cajun)
              Rice and Spice (Thai)
              Restaurant Abi (Salvadorian)
              Pho Cong Ly
              Viet House

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                (OP) Thanks everyone for all of the suggestions, and one more to note: we fell prey to Famous Daves BBQ, after seeing all of the cars in the parking lot every time we went by. and well worth it, pulled pork, brisket, ribs, sweet potato fries, french fries, coleslaw, corn muffins--YUM! (corn so so). Good prices and service. Now why we needed to go to Dairy Godmother afterwards? black currant sorbet so good I almost got another.