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Jun 27, 2008 11:45 AM

Otto Olive oil gelato

This is a spin off of another post. I've got to have some of that Otto OO gelato, but it seems the cart is not up this summer, and there's debate about whether or not you can get a pint to go from Otto. I'm not keen on sitting down for a meal at Otto, but was wondering if my dh could drink vino at the bar while I eat gelato? Is that a plan?

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  1. You can certainly drink and eat at the bar.

      1. i've sat at the bar and had the olive oil gelato with a friend a couple of yrs ago. it should not be a problem. i think people do it all the time.

        1. You can totally order olive oil gelato at the bar. Make sure you get the dish that has the fruit component and the sea salt. I think it's the "coppetta" but I would ask the bartender to make sure.

          Note that the Otto gelato cart did NOT offer the olive oil gelato any of the times I tried last summer. Some excuse about "temperature" controls. The cart also took all of August off! (Makes me wonder what the point is then...)

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            in fact, if you dine at the bar, the olive oil gelato will be pushed on you anyway! (this is good, of course.)

          2. Yes, you can get gelato to go (small or large container). And you don't have to have it at the bar.