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Jun 27, 2008 11:25 AM

Best Pho in Reno, NV

I'm partial to Pho 777. Their broth seems to be the best, in my opinion.

Does anyone have any recommendations of where else I should be going for Pho? There have been lesser places popping up around town since Pho/Vietnamese has become the "next big thing," I just want to know if I'm missing anywhere.

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  1. I like Asian Noodles in the Costco Shopping Center, Asian Pearl on West Second at Arlington, Pho 21 by Flowing Tide bar near Mae Anne and McCarran Pho near the south Reno Target. The others aren't too bad. They're just not my favorites.

    1. I much prefer chicken pho at Pho 777, but had some good pho at Saigon 88 in Sparks the other day for a bit more money.

      I eat at Pho 777 at least 2-3 times per month because I like the pho so much. Spouse likes the barbecue pork and shrimp at Pho 777 (#19 on the menu?). Dinner for two, tax and tip included is under $20.

      1. I didn't care much for Pho by the Target off McCarren. It just felt really disingenuous for some reason. But maybe I'm wrong, I'll try it again before I write it off for good.

        Aside from that, all of these recommendations sound really worthwhile. I'll have start my Pho trek across Reno. Thanks, guys.

        1. My favorite is Asian Noodles by Costco. Have fun!

          1. Siagon 88 near McCarran and Prater in Sparks is very good. Had the spring roll with peanut sauce, and the Thai Basil Chicken for lunch today.