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Trendy restaurant recommendation tonight for 4

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I have already selected Brasserie 8 1/2 but was wondering if there were any suggestions out there for an equally trendy restaurant with better food. B was all I could think of to fit the criteria.

Note: Party of 4 includes a boyfriend and his girlfriend, boyfriend's sister and mother. Somewhere we could talk freely and have a good time, while showing mom something "New York" -- bold decor with lively but classy environment, good food, solid drinks, and price range $20-30's per entree. Thanks in advance!

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  1. ok here it goes. the first ones come to my mind are:

    freemans - you MUST go here if you can

    if not any of these will do:

    the spotted pig
    the little owl
    allen and delancey
    blue ribbon bakery
    i trulli

    keep in mind the Web site tablexchange.com if you get really desperate. you can pay $20 and virtually eat anywhere you want in the city.

    1. Chinatown Brasserie, Savoy, Thor


      1. Cookshop is very "New York" and trendy with the whole locavore movement (also Five Points for a similar experience). I would also recommend Peasant or Lupa, both of which may be booked for the night.

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          A big, trendy, beautiful place in the Meatpacking District--Fig and Olive....It's perfect and you'll impress your friends. The price is right too. The decor is glamorous.