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Which Vongerichten restaurant to try?

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Hi Hounds!

I'm coming to NYC in July (from New Orleans), just in time for Restaurant Week. I have a Monday dinner free in my itinerary and would like to eat at a Vongerichten place that has a RW menu. Those restaurants are:

• Perry St
• Mercer Kitchen
• JoJo
• Spice Market
• Nougatine
• Vong (not really interested in this one)

Which one would you recommend, taking into account the RW menu?


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  1. I actually would recommend you go to Jean-Georges. Even if there is no RW menu, it is worth the experience. I would not recommend Spice Market.

    1. No idea how the RW menus are, but I recently went to Perry St for their every day $35 prix fixe dinner and it was fabulous. It's a very airy space, minimalistic, right across the street from the Hudson River (great to walk along the pier afterwards). I had the cream of tomato soup and crispy calamari for appetizers (not sure if these are available for RW) and they were amazing.

      1. Perry St is very good. I haven't been to the others b/c of poor/mixed reviews. I will be trying Nougatine myself since I haven't been before.

        1. i would just go to the mothership JG. it will be the best meal of your life. everything else pales in comparison. i went to perry street and was very underwhelmed - food and atmosphere.

          1. Jean Georges is the place if you want the full experience. If you're adamant about RW menu then Perry St. Avoid Mercer Kitchen, not because it's bad, but because I find it least representative of JGV.

            1. I found the Nougatine RW menu to be a real deal...but there was no choice offered. You get what you get (I can't remember exactly what we had, but it was very generous and very good...including an amuse and an extra course.)
              Of the others, I would only recommend Perry St.

              1. I would go with Perry St.

                1. From the list only: Perry Street. You can go to www.jean-georges.com for the menu to get an idea if it's too limited. Very classy little place. It's open/airy, and you will be in a serene, calm, bright dinning room. Nougatine a very close second. This place has the best cusine IMHO of the list, however, it is always packed and noisy. But you may meet the great chef himself! I have seen him a few times at lunch time.

                  Oh, almost forgot...the lunch time special (all the time) at the formal dining room-Jean Georges has a 2 plates for 28.00 special..so it wouldn't be too much more to experience the best :


                  Where ever you go. Welcome to NYC and have a blast!

                  1. Check out first his flagship at 1 CPW: Jean George. It's very creative and refined.
                    JG just opened a new restaurant: Matsugen (a upscale soba / sushi place). It's worth checking this place out too.
                    The Spice market offers good asian street food but it 's more like a night club.
                    Vong is a good restaurant.You can have there a great midtown lunch. Do not miss the crab rolls.
                    Perry street is a nice place but it's a bit close to the highway. Note that some dishes developed at Jean Georges are sent to the other restaurants.
                    Jojo is in a basement.