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Jun 27, 2008 10:23 AM

Italian in OC

My favorite local Italian restaurant, Marco Polo, closed in Newport Beach. I was hoping to take my sister there for her birthday... Any suggestions for great Italian food within 20 minutes of Irvine/Newport Beach? Trying to stay within $20/ plate.

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  1. I miss Marco Polo also...used to live in the apartments right behind it.

    Il Farro by the Newport Pier is a good bet.

    1. Sapori's in Newport Beach would fit the bill. It's in the Pavillion's shopping center on Bayside Dr at Jamboree. They have a nice patio for dining outside.

      1. garduno"s in costa mesa - great neighborhood italian

        1. I understand that the newly opened Stella's in Corona del Mar is really good. I have not been there, but if you Google it, you will see some very positive reviews. If any chowhound visits this spot, it would be great to see a review on this site.

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            Do you know if it is affiliated with the Stella's in Dana Point in Monarch Beach? If so that one is very good.

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              I was going to try to go tonight, no wonder they didn't pick up the phone....closed?


            2. I have never been to Marco Polo. Is it Northern or Southern Italian? For that price range we typically go to Francoli or Il Farro. We also like Onotria but that would exceed your price point.

              There is a new Italian restaurant that just opened in West Newport called Cucina Alessa. It is owner operated family owned w/ a pretty decent menu and reasonable prices. I plan on checking it out soon.