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Jun 27, 2008 09:57 AM

Pamplona Lunch Takeout - Tipping? [moved from Manhattan board]

Hi all -- I've been hitting the Pamplona lunch takeout menu pretty hard, and I wondered whether other Hounds who've done this have tipped on their order. My friend tipped a dollar, as did another woman picking up her lunch at the same time. In theory, I'm not really getting service (the guy brings it right from the kitchen to me), but the way the operation is set up it feels somehow like I should be, though I can't explain why. Ideas?


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  1. Tipping for takeout?!!! You must be joking. What is the world coming to? Why stop with takeout food? Maybe you should tip the cashiers at your local supermarket, drug store, etc.

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      Actually, that's my complaint with pressure (the "karma jar") to tip at ice cream or coffe take out places. I am going into a place, purchasing an item, you are giving it to me and I am leaving. That's called SHOPPING! That said, I do crumble to social presh occasionally and leave something in a jar, but I think it's on a par with tipping the guy at the hardware store to hand me my nails.

    2. If it is a restaurant where you order takeout with the bartender, then yes, I usually tip at least $2 or 5% or so depending on how big the order is. If I just call in and pick it up, then no. I honestly don't know why I tip the bartender, but it seems right b/c they usually offer you a drink as well or whatever. Then again, I don't tip the person at the local deli when I get coffee, even though she is essentially doing the same thing. I say do whatever makes you feel right. And, if you are frequenting the location, it never hurts to take care of them if you are happy with the food and service.

        1. I don't tip for take out. Period.

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            i've tipped for takeout ever since i was a minimum wage earner working my way thru college -- a long time ago! if you bag your own order, get your own napkins/plasticware (if any), condiments, etc etc, then you've received no service and need leave no tip.....not suggesting 15 percent is in order...but a buck is hardly gonna kill y'all.