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Jun 27, 2008 09:54 AM

Dinner Near Reagan Building

My boyfriend and I are going to see Capitol Steps next Saturday and are looking for a good dinner within walking distance to the Reagan Building.

I was going to make a reservation at Butterfield 9 since I haven't been there for awhile and they have a pre-theater menu but thought I would see if there was anything else out there that I haven't thought about.

Of course, outside dining is always a bonus, but not necassary. We could always return to Central, but we were there the last time my boyfriend was in town.

Also, it would be nice if we could keep it within the $100 range (total, not per person). Of course if there is a good pre-or post-theater menu, all the better!

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  1. Also if anyone has been to Butterfield 9 recently, do you know if their current menu is up-to-date (the summer menu...I know they switch menu items with the season)? Thanks:


    1. You could also go to 701? I think they have some outside seating, and if not they probably will have jazz.

      Or Tosca isn't too far away. I had a really yummy meal there, I think they have a pre-theater menu? If not I know they will do have portions of any of the pastas, I had a rabbit ragu and a veal entree that were both spectacular. Although I was disappointed in all the desserts, but the starter and entree were so could I could have cared less about dessert.

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        We recently sampled a few things off of 701's bar menu. The fish tostadas (snapper, I believe) were awesome. I don't know if there is a pre-theater menu, but you could certainly share 4 small plates and wine for $100.

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          Good call on 701. We've have yet to eat there but I've been wanting to try it out.

        2. Have you tried Cafe du Parc yet? It'd be very close for you, they have lovely outdoor dining, and their menu is VERY reasonably priced, especially considering they're at the Willard.

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            Can you get out of Cafe du Parc, tax and tip included for around $100? For some reason I always thought it was very expensive. If not...great option! I love French food. How's the service? For some reason I thought they had terrible service but perhaps I'm mixing it up with another french restaurant.

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              We has excellent service - our lovely waitress was French, so it definitely wasn't your typical friendly Matchnox service. But she really charming, and very polished.

              As for price, both of our entrees (and he got the special, which was cassoulet with duck confit and pork belly) were $20, which is pretty darn good these days. We had a very nice bottle of wine, as it was his birthday, and splurged on a very expensive appetizer with foie gras, and still paid only $120 after tip. We couldn't believe it. So definitely at least put it on your "to visit" list.

          2. I decided to make a reservation at 701. It was the skate wing that sold me! :) Anyone have other recommendations for the restaurant?

            1. There were some rumors on another board that Butterfield 9 was closing soon. Might only be rumors.....