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Jun 27, 2008 09:44 AM

Cheap Live Jumbo Lobsters on L.I. [moved from Outer Boroughs]

Last post from general hounding as to whether large lobster is toxic or tough.

Shoprite Supermarket in Woodbury 516 938 0240 and Morton Village 516 938 2250 Has the LIVE JUMBO LOBSTERS on sale July 3,4,5,and 6 only. Circular says 3-6 lb. $5.98/ lb.. This is where i got the 7-9 lb. seamonsters a couple of years ago. Any L.I. hounds that want to test the toughness or toxic theory can have at it at a bargain! They will steam cook for free and if you bring a cooler they will fill with chipped ice for transport to your home or picnic destination. YUM!

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  1. The only caveat with lobsters that size is that you better have a good meat cleaver to crack those claws, cause they are like cement. Fairway also has lobsters this week for the same price, but not that big.

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      Plastic bag and a hammer outside on the cement.