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Jun 27, 2008 09:38 AM

Bastille Day

Anyone caught wind of any restaurants doing any kind of special bastille day events?

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  1. Why don't you call Chez Nous and see if they have anything planned?

    1. Not a restaurant, but I do know the Texas Culinary Institute has a Bastille Day, but have never been. Info here:

      1. Aquarelle is hosting an outdoor Rosé Soirée from 6-9 p.m. Wine is $5 a glass, and there will be a special "street food" menu, with items also at $5. Supposed to be some live French jazz band, too.

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          did anyone go to this!? i wanted to go but had to work tonight. just wanted all the details. i'm sure if it went well they'll do it again next year (and maybe last year, for that matter).

          1. re: NirvRush

            About last night at Aquarelle:

            The courtyard out back is right at rough and tumble.A few loads of rough gravel have been trucked in and strewn about,tables are sort of here and there,an ad hoc kitchen has been set up and a big tub of ice cold wine is off to the side for the attendees.

            The joint is packed.Empress dowagers are on the hoof,lots of guys in mandals are strolling around and a few girls that look like they just came back from a day on lake Travis are making the scene.It's nice in a Panama City Florida kind of way,I reckon.

            I order a Crawfish Po Boy which is a very good bargain at 5 bucks.The man with the sous chef stitching on his coat grabs a cold baguette and begins loading it.He ignores the nearby flat top and ladles the toppings straight onto the cold bread which I find odd.A friend of mine who's a top notch sous in SA once told me the difference between the sous and the line cook is the sous will pick up the napkin on the floor and the line cook will step over top of it all day long.

            The napkin didn't get picked up.

            I sit at table and wonder what might have been.The Crawfish is surprisingly good to have been precooked and dipped from a chafing dish.The cabbage onion slaw is fresh and crunchy and the chili aioli is delicious.This could have been amazing but for the cold baguette[which is commercial].

            I try a variety of wines[5 bucks a pop]with the Marchon being the best of the bunch.

            The highlight of the party is the band:Rumbullion.The crowd ignores some very fine music.It's rare that I feel inspired enough to chat with a band member but the bass player is otherworldly. The big bass fiddle was crafted in Holland 200 years ago and she's a beauty in the hands of a very skilled musician.They have an upcoming gig at Central Market so check the listing.

            Aquarelle has a good handle on throwing a party.Cheap,good food and plentiful cold wine are the fuel for their fete.It made me curious to explore their menu more fully.

            What are the highlights?Do they offer any happy hour specials?

            1. re: scrumptiouschef

              do you recall what other munchies they offered?

              1. re: scrumptiouschef

                I went a couple of years ago when they were just doing a complimentary cold bfufet in the bar of the restaurant. Vegetables a la grecque, pate, things like that. I don't recall any wine specials but we did drink a couple of bottles of rose.

                My overall impression: the food was delicious and expertly prepared. The staff was the rudest most condescending bunch of pricks I've ever encountered anywhere (no, they weren't even French). Even if it is one of the only places in town for French food, I will never, ever return.

              2. re: NirvRush

                Went as well. I thought they created a lovely party. It made for a rather special occasion place seem approachable and welcoming. We shared the Caprese sandwich. Other offerings included a cheese plate, mediterrean grilled veggies, and I think some pork items?? They had a variety of lovely Rose wines to choose from and had them displayed from sweet to dry so choosing was easy. The Caprese sandwich was one of the best we had and we had the opportunity to mingle with some other attendees and yes, I agree the music was lovely.