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Jun 27, 2008 09:23 AM

Mamoun's - MacDougal vs St Marks

I grew up in Ct and have always loved the Mamoun's in New Haven. I recently moved to the NY area and plan on going into Manhattan this weekend for Mamouns and then do a few touristy thing.

My question is really about whether one place or the other is has more seating for those wishing to have a sit down meal. I've seen online people say that Mamoun's has very little seating... I was wondering if that's true of both or them, or if its more one than the other. Is there one I can sit down and eat in? Or should I just plan on going to Washington Square park or something?

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  1. St Marks location has some seating (only 2 tables IIRC) but it's rarely full, so you should be OK.

    1. I would say go to Macdougal. It will be packed but that's part of the Mamoun's experience. I went to St. Marks the other night and they were out of their hot sauce. Anyone whose ever been to the original location knows how ludicrous that is. The hot sauce is a big part of the experience, and they even sell bottles of it. I actually went down the block to Tahini to use their hot sauce for my Mamoun's meal, hahaha.

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        This just in, the original (in NYC anyway) on MacDougal got shut down by the health dept.!!! I found out the hard way last night when I showed up there. I think it had actually just happened.

      2. I'd say go with Macdougal since it's the original. There always seems to be a line of people, but the seats usually come up just in time when you need to sit. Don't panic though, you can walk to one of the oarks or playgrounds with benches in the area. Personally I've stopped eating any falafel served on that cheap cardboard pita so many places use.

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          The original Mamoun's is in New Haven, CT.

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            oh wow who knew! it's the original ny location though.

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              no, the original is the one on madougal, which opened in 71 (the CT one opened in 77), check their website.

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                yeah that didn't sound right. thanks for checking the site.

        2. If you want to sit inside, go to St. Mark's. If you want to sit in Washington Square Park, go to Macdougal.

          1. If you go for an early lunch before noon to Mamoun's on Macdougal, you can usually get a seat, but going to the park on a nice day would be more pleasurable.