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Jun 27, 2008 09:11 AM

Where can I go that will satisfy a carnivore steak lover and a Vegetarian who doesn’t eat anything with a face?

I'm not sure if these 2 can ever meet in the middle, but I'm hoping y'all have recommendations! The vegetarian is always going and having to eat off the sides menu and I know is getting sick of not having any options... Your help is appreciated.

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  1. Honestly, your best bet's going to be some kind of Asian food, probably Korean. Korea Garden on North Lamar or Korea House on Anderson in the Village Shopping Center. If you're looking to go someplace fancy/pricey, Uchi on South Lamar can't be beat. I used to be a vegan and am now a red meat lover, so I can sympathize. Is the vegetarian a dairy eater? Because that will really open up the options. If so, you got lots of great Italian, Mexican, Indian and other sorts of places.

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      I am usually very happy with the vegetarian plate at Vespaio. I'm an omnivore, but I opt for it more often than not when I go there.

    2. Clay Pit.
      Lots to choose from...........The Tandoori Ribeye is really good.

      1. Fogo de Chão. Good meats, including a garlic filet on my visit that was wonderful and a sirloin that I couldn't believe. They have an extensive salad bar, as well. The only thing, I have not researched the price for the a la carte salad bar option.

        1. My conflict is the Carnivore, he's very meat and potatos kind of guy with little interest in exploring other foods or cultures. Otherwise I have a number of places we'd go along the lines of Thai or Indian.

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            How about Hoovers or Threadgills . Lots of veggie and meat options.

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              Hell, take them to Artz. He can get the country style ribs, which are freakin awesome nine times out of ten, and she can get the grilled vegetable platter.

              Eastside would probably work, too.

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                Eastside is a great suggestion; IMHO, they have hands down the best salad in Austin, just outstanding. And once I had a killer NY Strip--I was flabbergasted.
                BTW, instead of Hoover's, Threadgills or Artz, all having decent veggie options, Ruby's BBQ, 29th and the Drag have *outstanding* veggie sides, really, by far the best sides at a BBQ place I know of. The BBQ is very good, a bit on the pricey side, but one of the better options if you're not going to Sam's BBQ or Lockhart.
                One other possibility, but I've yet to try it, is Lambert's. Sorta the same as Fogo de Chao, just it terms of being a meat eater's paradise, but also gets good marks on veggie sides. And both are definitely more expensive than Ruby's. Along the same lines: III Forks (great buzz about that place among my fellow food service industry grunts).

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                  Yup, Artz is the answer here. Grilled veggies are so good the meat eater will be jealous. And Artz ribs are a "gateway meat,"--they can change your politics.

              2. Houston's has a wonderful veggie burger and a decadent veggie plate. And the food with faces is awesome too!