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Jun 27, 2008 09:02 AM

Rhode Island Chicken Family Style& Best Seafood in RI?

I see that while looking for RI what does that mean, Chicken family, We will be greeted by chickens?,

Where to get the best whole belly clams and lobsters around Providence and the Blackstone Valley area please? Anyplaces right on the water, don't want fancy, just a down and get to eating place.

Thanks very much!

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    1. re: Td61

      TD61 ; Are you from RI, I am staying in Chepachet, is this near by. uy what I want to know are what are these chicken dinners all about? Is it because ther are farms near by and they use their chickens? any other places you like especially for farm fresh ice cream and fresh baked goods??? Any farms you can go visit?

      1. re: nbermas

        I've already given you this information but I'll try again....

        have you tried the link I gave you weeks ago? THIS will give you the information for all farms, farmstands and farmers markets for the area. You can plug in the zip code for Chepachet and get all the information you need, and it'll tell you how far away from your center each listing is.

        No, Wright's Farm does not use local chickens - they use commercial chickens and cook it in lard, that is why it tastes so good. It is served in a giant GIANT multi-roomed banquet hall/restaurant, there is nothing special about the setting or the presentation. They slap down platters of the chicken (which IS yummy) along w/platters of shells in red sauce, green salad already dressed, and oven-roasted potatoes. That's it.

    2. My favorite fried clams in the area are at an old fashioned drive-in, The Redwood on Rt 16 in Mendon MA. (30 mins away). This is not on the water, if you want the ocean, drive south for an hour.

      Wright's Dairy Farm sells their own milk as well as fresh baked is pasturized milk so it tastes like regular milk, nothing overly "farm-fresh" about it. And no, they won't let you milk their cows.

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      1. re: JaneRI

        "No, Wright's Farm does not use local chickens - they use commercial chickens and cook it in lard, that is why it tastes so good."

        Are you sure of this? The chicken seams like it`s just baked. The fries seam like they could be cooked in lard.

        1. re: mike4100

          Possibly not fair to say - I'm basing it on a waitressing job my niece had at Coachman in Bellingham MA....she was horrified to learn it was cooked actually submerged in lard. Since all northern RI family style chicken seems to me to have the same tender consistency (and I've NEVER baked chicken that soft in my life) I assumed that was the technique they all used.

        2. re: JaneRI

          JaneRI: Thank you so much for all your information, I really appreciate it because I am having a hard time researching this area. I have done every search you can on the internet but not much comes up. I will keep trying as I love to know exactly what is in the area so we can enjy all this are in RI has to offer.

          1. re: nbermas

            I've been trying to tell you....the reason not much is coming up on the internet is because there is next to nothing in that area! Did you use the link I gave you? ALL local farms of any consequence are on there. For any culture you'll have to drive 40 minutes east to Providence. The ocean? 1 hour south. There is the Quiet Corner of CT 30 minutes west. That's it. The reason you're getting limited responses to your numerous posts is because there is NOTHING around Chepachet.

            1. re: JaneRI

              JaneRI: I did use your searches so I think it will be a just relaxing and swimming n the lake Do you now Blueberry Pointe Inn in Chepachet? This is where we are staying and it is on a lake with kayaks nd canoes so I guess we can do that but I love visiting farms so I will be doing that. There is a kitchen in the cottage so I will cook myself because its sounds like we will spend too much on gas for not great food. Thanks again but I want t go out for a nice meal for our 5th aniversary, it could be lunch because I want to be at the lake for the sunsets. So if you had to choose one restaurant that would be special not crowded with excellent clean food where would you go? Again thank you very much.

              1. re: nbermas

                I would combine your anniv lunch with a daytrip to the "Quiet Corner" of CT. There's antiquing to be had, country/gift stores, and wineries. Do you like wine tasting? Here is what I'd do w/that day:

                Head out right after bkfast - west on Route 44 to Putnam - if you like antiques, don't miss the vast (and I mean VAST) Antiques Marketplace. Continue west to the intersection of 44 & 169....right before you get there you'll pass The Harvest restaurant on the right...a candidate for a nice lunch, depending on what else is open. From Chepachet to this intersection is about 30 mins on a fairly quiet 2 lane road. At the intersection is the hub of this area, The Vanilla Bean Cafe.....good food, outdoor seating, and I think live music at night. The only thing I'm not a fan of is the noise of so many motorcycles....lots of bikers tour these roads (nice people, middle-aged motorcycle enthusiasts). If you need any directions, stop here - the owner is very helpful, and you can cool off w/a Ginger Lemonade (homemade). Good chili, sandwiches & desserts. My choices for a special lunch would be:

                Sharpe Hill Winery - gorgeous place! You need to make reservations fairly early.

                A real foodie destination that I have not yet gotten to is Still River Cafe, a bit further west in Ashford: Organic produce grown on the premises, local grass-fed beef, etc. In a gorgeous renovated barn. I list them 2nd only because they only serve Fri-Sat dinner, and Sun brunch/lunch. Come to think of it, the winery also has limited days/hours - check all places carefully.

                A local legend is The Golden Lamb Buttery - a very special experience from what I've been told: Another barn, oddly enough. Very expensive I believe.

                If one of the above doesn't work out, try:

       - The Harvest, a stone's throw east of the Vanilla Bean. (no outdoor seating, a huge negative to me).

                I want to throw out the idea of, but their website keeps acting up - downtown Putnam near the Antiquest Mktplace, outdoor seating, run by the people who own Vanilla Bean. (85 Main).

                Blueberry Pt looks adorable and I've never heard of it! I see they suggest Chester's as a local restaurant - it's not bad but not special by any means.....if you just wanted a meal that was close by, I'd definitely suggest Crystal Lake over Chester's....similar food (huge menu, stuff like potato skins, chicken parm sandwiches, burgers, steaks, etc) but a much much nicer setting (if the weather's nice and you sit outside that is....the inside is nondescript, but brand new & clean) - its' also a tad closer to your inn.

                1. re: JaneRI

                  Thank you very much you are so sweet for doing this for me. you are a blessing.

                2. re: nbermas

                  Oh - more stuff in the quiet corner - visit 3 wineries....Sharpe Hill, Heritage Trail and Taylor Brooke ....find the first two at and Taylor Brooke at

                  As you'll see on the CT Wine site, there are plenty more than 3 to choose from but these are the most convenient to the area.

                  1. re: nbermas

                    You mentioned whole belly clams....oddly enough my two favorite places for them are located in northern RI, not down by the water. Box Seats at 332 Farnum Pike Smithfield RI (25 mins away) and The Redwood Drive-in, 116 Uxbridge Rd (Rt 16) Mendon MA. Old fashioned drive-in with carhops who serve you at your car window, or you can get out at sit at picnic tables in the shade.

                    I haven't yet been but have heard good things about the new location of The Haywagon restaurant, located in the former Bangma's Dairy Farm (set amidst beautiful fields), 500 West Hartford Ave, Uxbridge MA (again about 30 mins away) - Bangma's used to have their own wonderful ice cream, hopefully that has not changed.

                    1. re: nbermas

                      In another thread, I mentioned the former "State Line" restaurant and didn't know what it was called now? In my googling I just ran across it....called Clasico's now. Definitely looks worth checking out.....newly renovated and a menu that is all over the map:

              2. For very good fried clams what about a drive over to the Back Eddy in Westport MA, around the corner from Horseneck Beach? It's right on the water, the sunsets are amazing, portions big, good vibe.

                Check out the menu, funny dress code, directions by boat, etc.


                Anyone been this year so far?