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Jun 27, 2008 08:41 AM

Review of new Korean bbq buffet in Flushing

A korean friend of mine told me about a new Korean buffet on Northern that was good quality. So, last night we tracked it down and had a very good experience. It's called Sik Gaek Buffet and it opened on June 5. It's located at 157-26 Northern Blvd. Each table has the typical bbq units to cook the food. It's a nice place inside and everything is set up well. The cost for dinner is $39, a lot less for children and seniors. They have a huge selection of both marinated and non marinated meats to take to your table and bbq. There is also shellfish, a ton of cold salads and other cooked dishes, a lot of cooked hot food, and a section where they have sashimi and sushi. It was packed at 8 and they were constantly refilling the items. I agree that the quality of the meats was very good and fresh. Since Korean is usually, in my opinion, one of the more expensive of the asian meals to eat out, for the meat and fish you can eat here, we all agreed that the price was well worth it. At lunch I think it's around $25, but I have no idea if the selection is any different.

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      I would like a wand that turns things into gorgonzola.

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          Thanks ScottK. Too bad though.......Charcoal really makes a difference for me....Stopped into the Korean Restaurant at about 248th and Northern on Sunday. They have charcoal, and the meat was excellent.....unfortunately, the panchan were uninspired. Service was very good.

          BTW, Puppimus, my wand is currently broken. Everything keeps turning into KRAFT!

      1. Sik Gaek Buffet is no longer there. Very short lived as are all the buffets that seem to attempt a hit at this corner location. Previously, Northern Buffet, prior to that, some other name .. and just a short while ago, 'Sik Gaek' was removed from the awning and replaced by 'Korean' .. before it finally turned into Juliana. (Yes, Juliana - the name reminiscent of the k-town club that was around many years ago .. sort of a k-scene classic ...) The new Juliana, is a HOF-esque joint now. Standard asian appetizers, beer and soju. Their Grand Opening two weeks ago was a big buzz with FREE alchohol ...

        I have my own theories as to why businesses always flop on this particular corner (Northern Blvd + 158th St) .. but there's a teeny tiny hole-in-the-wall bbq buffet that has been around a long time (with its name changing just once). Used to be Picnic Garden .. now Wong Kalbi which translates to King Kalbi. This is in no way a buffet similar to the big offerings that once was Sik Gaek. It's straight up korean meats, a big pot of korean rice, some soup, some salads and a handful of other hot/cold dishes. No fancy sushi/sashimi or crab legs but appropriately, in turn, it will cost you less. It is grill-at-your-table. It is often bustling with happy sounds and it is still a good reliable place to hang with friends and have a filling meal.

        Wang Kalbi
        147-42 Northern Blvd
        Flushing, NY 11354
        (718) 358-5959