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Jun 27, 2008 08:39 AM

Dinner in Ogunquit, Me near the Theatre

Looking for a place for dinner prior to the theatre; hopefully within in walking distant.

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  1. I don;t know what you consider walking distance but I would say that the closest restaurant is Jonathan's. Have not eaten there in a long time- not thrilled with the food.
    If you don;t mind driving a short and easy ride is the Cape Neddick Inn on Route 1. It was taken over by new ownership last summer and have not been since but I hear it is pretty good. There is Franky and Johnny's (no alcohol) on Route 1 which I think is very weird and very expensive for what it is but there are those who love it. Many restaurants in Ogunquit proper but none that are as close to the theatre as those I have mentioned. MC Perkins Cove is excellent but not near the theater.

    1. There is nothing really good within walking distance of the theatre. But, there are fantastc places within a 5 minute drive? They have websites...
      Five-0 Shore Road
      MC Perkins Cove (my favorite!)

      1. I would not hesitate to eat at Jonathan's. I have eaten there recently and found the diner to be very good. Had a great steak, and wife had salmon. both were very good.

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          thanks Earle. we have eaten at MC in prior years (since Clark and Mark took over Hurricane's). We haven't been to Jonathan's in many years. Thanks for the info.
          LDoll13, some more info re Five-O Shore Road. I have never noticed that restaurant in previous visits to the area. new restaurant?
          Emilief, any specific restaurants you have enjoyed in the area.
          thanks all for the advise

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            Five O Shore Dr. has been open for about 3 years now. Its on the right side of the street going toward Perkins cove on Shore Dr. Its right across the street from the foot path to the town beach, if you know where that is. Hope this helps. My wife and I ate there once when it first opened. Very nice inside, the service was top notch. the food was good. but In my view a little on the high side. But it was a nice experence. Hope this helps. Earle Ct.

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              WE live in Ogunquit in the summer. This weekend we had dinner at MC Perkins Cove. It is so good- very fresh briny oysters on the 1/2 shell. The drunken fried chicken is delicious. DH had the halibut special which was excellent. For an "evil carb" (you have a choice) I had the cheddar cheeses beignets. Oh my- so good.
              We like Barnicle Billy's especially to sit outside on the deck and have a lobster, steamers and rum punch. The new, expanded restaurant at the Front Porch is quite good. There is a new place called Prime on Shore Road (where Poor Richard's was) that is getting rave reviews and it was packed all weekend, really packed. WE also like Gypsy Sweethearts. Very nice, eclectic menu- they have been on Shore Road for 30 years and it is really a lovely place. 98 Provence, also on Shore Road, is excellent French food- good but I find most things a bit on the rich side but it is very popular. Last night we tried the new Asian restuarant on Route 1 in Wells- a beautiful place but the food was, well, bordering on horrible. Such a shame. (also it is very inexpensive- drinks from 4-6$ and we have three appetizers and two entrees, and two drinks for totla of $50).
              For a really good and inexpensive seafood shack experience, try Fisherman's Catch in Wells. Great fried fish, clams, calamari, lobsters etc. And, last but not least, Cove Cafe on the right side of Shore Road just before you enter Perkins Cove- very small place- has an excellent breakfast- nice people, very nice food. Hope you enjoy Ogunquit.