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Jun 27, 2008 08:14 AM

Gulf Shores chow eats?

Will be in Gulf Shores for a week, has anyone heard of the "crab shack"? My family usually goes to Louisiana Lagniappe and The Tin Roof, so I am wondering if this place is up to par? Any other new places or recs on the beach? Thx!

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  1. The Crab Shak is a chain restaurant---it's ok.
    My recommendation is Triggers Seafood Restaurant---decor isn't much but the food is
    12700 Gulf Beach Hwy
    Pensacola, FL 32507
    Phone: (850) 492-189

    1. Also, for a very casual but excellent meal try
      Brian's Poboys
      13470 Perdido Key Dr.,

      1. I live in Gulf Shores and don't know of a "crab shack" in the area. There is a place on Perdido Key call The Crab Trap. That might be it. Never been there, but it does a good business, always crowded.

        Cosmo's in Orange Beach has good food, but has been having service issues, lately. Long waits and indifferent waitstaff.

        At The Wharf there is Ginny Lane, Villagio and a new Guy Harvey restaurant. Haven't been to the Guy Harvey place, but the other two are consistently good.

        The two places you mentioned are also consistently good performers.

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          Firstly, The Crab Trap on Perdido Key does not have a reputation for good meals. Triggers was once good many years ago when it grew rapidly from "TimeSavers" into Triggers, no longer...Cosmos is good, but crowded this time of year...better call first and 'get on the list'. TinTop in Bon Secour is what I think you mean by The Tin Roof....
          Real local seafood is very good at Geno's Fresh Catch in O.B. in front of Zekes.
          Do a google search for 'gulf shores restaurant reviews' and find a web page w/ some good information to entertain and also help you find good food here.
          Be sure to ask if you are being served Gulf shrimp or previously frozen Asian shrimp and fish. It is very common. VERY.

        2. The original comment has been removed
          1. Never heard of it.

            We did go to Gulf Shores Steamers for Royal Reds (shrimp) and it was fantastic.