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Jun 27, 2008 08:02 AM

Zaitooni Deli

Hi: I have gotten the best recommendations from everyone on this site. I may be spelling it incorrectly (couldn't find past postings) but is there any recent comments/feedback about Zaitooni? I used to live in New Brunswick and I work in NYC so I had/have easy access to Middle Eastern food. Other than making some things at home, I would love to have somewhere to go on the weekend and have some good, authentic ME food. Thanks so much!

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  1. I was there recently. I love this place. Food is always great. The owner is on site and takes great pride in her cooking.
    It's a small. pleasant place with a couple of tables. No waiter service.

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    1. re: val ann c

      Thanks so much, Val ann! It sounds perfect.

    2. rutgers2, Be sure to give their Manoushi (sp) pie a try!

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      1. re: HillJ

        Thanks HillJ, I am glad to see that on their menu. Last good one I had was in Paterson!! LOL.