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Jun 27, 2008 07:34 AM

Please help! Lunch in Columbus, OH

I'm desperate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Are there any places in Columbus that are open Sunday for lunch AND worth going to?

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  1. Oh, yes. The Worthington Inn. One of the best brunches in the country.

    1. Lisa, Columbus is a large geographical area. You don't give any specifics on location, $$, ethnic cuisine, plate vs. buffet. Here is a list from the local newspaper to the top 20 restos:

      From that list my recs would be L'Antibes, The Worthington Inn, Latitude 41, Lindey's (my #1 choice). Those places are all pricey, many have web sites listed in the article.

      For more casual eating, try NorthStar in the Short North, The Mohawk in German Village, Bananna Bean Cafe in GV.

      If none of those suggestions appeal, reply back and be specific about what you are seeking. Good Luck!

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      1. re: Diane in Bexley

        I know L'Antibes is closed Sunday... Are the others open between 1 and 3pm Sundays?

        1. re: lisafaz

          all of them are open for lunch on Sunday except Worthington Inn.

          (they all also have websites with this information, google is your friend!)

          1. re: dirtgirl

            Since when is the Worthington Inn not open on Sundays???? Hmmmm, the website says Brunch from 10-2 Sundays. Your web browser is an even better friend.

            1. re: bigcat39

              they asked who was open for lunch, not brunch

      2. ZenCha Tea Salon on High Street in the Short North has an awesome brunch going on from 10am-2pm. I highly recommend the okonomiyaki. If a buffet is more your style, Anna's on Sawmill Rd has an awesome Greek brunch buffet on Sundays - $15 per person - one of the local food bloggers did a review of it at . And Smackie's Smokehouse at the Columbus Square Shopping Center also has a killer Sunday brunch - pulled pork and brisket, fried chicken, mac and cheese, omelets to order, and more than that - their web site is, look under Sunday Buffet. That's also around $15. There's a new place near Smackies called Hawa Russia that has authentic Russian food that also has a Sunday brunch, not sure of the prices on that but it may be worth looking into.

        1. Worthington Inn and Lindey's.