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Jun 27, 2008 07:26 AM

Best Coffee in the Keys

We will be up and down the Keys in January (probably staying in Marathon Key), and I would be grateful for your help in making a list of the good coffee places. I enjoy a good, well pulled espresso, and I could use some help in locating it. Thanks!

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  1. Island Joe's Coffee is the only place in the Keys that still roasts in the Keys. They are based out of Key West but you will find the coffee throughout. The espresso has won awards. Last I was down I bought a bag of whole bean espresso and it was still warm. I couldn't stop myself from smelling it, lol.

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        They still have a store in the lower keys but they now roast somewhere in Miami.

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          Their website says they have a retail shop and roasting plant at MM15, and they still claim to be the southernmost coffee roasters in the US. True or false?

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            False. They do the roasting in Miami. Technically they are not even the Southernmost Roasters even if they did roast a small batch once in a while since Joes is in Key West. I think both are good but I like Island Joe's Espresso more. He has several to choose from and lately I am a fan of Shark Bite. Babys has a cute store to sit in and get something light to eat and relax while Island Joes is basically a walk up window.

    1. If you get down to Key West, try Sandy's on White St in the M&Ms Laundromat. They have the strongest Cuban coffee on the island and great Cuban sandwiches,

      1. Baby's at M.M. 15 is the best coffee in the Keys. They moved the roasting plant to Layfayette,La for business reasons but Gary gets back to the local store to stay on top of quality control. He wants all his loyal customers to bring in there own coffee mugs so he can do the Green Thing, believing that paper or styro are equally unsavory. It's a great community minded business that serves a great product and he would still be roasting in the Keys if it wasn't for the incestuious politics. I've been a fan since he converted the best B-B-Que shack, Baby's Bar-B-Que on Duval St. into the original Baby's Coffee. It's still the real deal.

        1. Baby's coffee rocks no matter where it's roasted!!!

          1. I enjoy the coffee at Badass Coffee on Duval St while in Key West. It is a chain, but very good to my taste...and a relaxing atmosphere when you need a break.