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Jun 27, 2008 07:16 AM

Need recs 4 dinner tonight around University & 12th Street

Hello foodies..

I am going to see a movie at the Cinema Village 12th street and was looking for restaurant recommendations around that area.

Looking for casual dinning, not wanting to pay much more than $25 per person including drinks if possible.... however if you have a little pricier recommendation i wouldn't be opposed to going...


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  1. Otto or Stand are two great casual places withing a short walk.

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    1. re: Spends Rent on Food

      I second otto. You can also go to Republic (US) or il cantiero (12th and University).

    2. jack's on university and 12th is no frills old school but the food is solid and the service is good.

      stand for burgers next door to cinema village has very good burgers and amazing milkshakes. clean and modern restaurant.