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Jun 27, 2008 07:05 AM


Looking to book Tundra for Summerlicious...has anyone been there lately? I remembered that it had a good name years ago..wondering if they have still maintained that reputation.

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  1. I've had a good experience there last year. It's always pretty quiet though, and never seems to be on top of anyone's list.

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      It's a safe choice for Summerlicious. No tripping over tables in a dimly-lit room, getting tiny portions of salty risotto, or putting up with attitudes from the staff. Their normal lunch menu IMO is a pretty good value. Very well executed food for not a lot of money.

    2. For some useful recent feedback by C-hounders on Tundra/-licious--not sure how to link it in here, but you can search for the Tundra thread started by "estufarian" on Jan 28, 2008 11:53AM and ending on 9 March.

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        Saved me the trouble of looking for my own post!
        In summary I was very pleasantly surprised. Ended up there 'accidentally' after being turned away at another restaurant (40 minute wait) and had an excellent meal for the money.
        Almost made me a fan of Winter/Summerlicious again. But I haven't booked anything this summer yet.

        1. re: estufarian

          I just had lunch at Tundra as part of Summerlicious and have pretty good things to report. My sister and I both had the salad to start (great dressing) - the other choice being a clam chowder as the soup option. She then had the salmon for her main while I had the lamb burger. My choice was probably a mistake for me if only because I don't usually enjoy burgers, but I wanted to try it out and had no complaints. It was a good size and the sweet potatoes that accompanied it had a nice harissa (I think) sauce alongside.

          For dessert, she had the rice pudding while I had the mascarpone cheesecake. Both were good but the rice pudding was served in a dish so large that the portion inevitably looked much smaller than it really was. Poor plating decision there but overall, we quite enjoyed the lunch and given that it was our first visit to Tundra, we'd return.

          Note that a few of the Summerlicious items are on their regular menu.