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Feb 25, 2003 10:23 PM

lunch- Aldo's Italian in Orange

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Good Osso Buco, Very good homemade Bread Pudding.

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  1. anyone else tried aldo's (south of the orange circle) since 2003?

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    1. re: tuborg_gron

      Haven't been since I wrote this post but it's still there and still getting decent reviews. It's not on Glassell but on Tustin st in Orange?

      Aldo's Italian Restaurant
      235 S Tustin St
      Orange, CA 92866

    2. the aldo's i am referring to is located across from gabbi's next to mustard deli in the "newer" building.

      aldo's ristorante - bar
      190 s. glassell st.
      orange, ca.

      1. It moved about a year ago to the new location just south of the circle