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Jun 27, 2008 06:44 AM

Despana Recommendations?

Hi there,

I normally go to DiPalo's to get tapas-like (prosciutto, truffle cheese, etc) items to enjoy at home but I've heard great things about Despana so will be giving them a try. Can you recommend any "must try" items from Despana? I've read good things about their sandwiches but am interested in which meats, cheeses, prepared foods people have enjoyed in the past.


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  1. I really like their jamon serrano - and of course you can try the Iberico as well, at a price! I've not bought cheese there (not a huge fan of Spanish cheese), but they have an olive oil that I particularly like, and piquillo peppers, which I love (in a jar). Also angulas, but $50 for a tin ....

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      MMRuth-how can you dismiss Spanish cheese?! Serena, Manchego, Mahon, Tetilla, Garroxta, Cabrales, Idiazabal, Roncal, Montenebro and my personal favorite cheese in the world Torta del casar. For the OP- jamon iberico, morcilla, lomo, cantimpalo, chorizo, sobrasado and butifarra.

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        Not dismissing it! I did have an aged manchego from Murray's last year that I really like, and I do like cana de cabra with some lovely olive oil drizzled on it. But, next time I'm there, I'll pick up some small amounts of a couple of other ones and give them a whirl! And I agree - the sobrasado is wonderful - my husband said it was just as good as ones he's had in Spain. He ate up all the chorizo while I was away, and also liked the morcilla.

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          Torta del THAT is a cheese!!!!!!!!! Do they sell it at Despana? I've never seen it in the US.

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          MMRuth, I've noticed that I think we've got very similar tastes in many foods. I'm not the biggest fan of Spanish cheese as well. They're OK, but I've never really been wowed by any of them. If I'm going to eat something with a high fat content, it's going to be something that I love.

        3. You could drop a chunk of change on a quarter-pound of Jamon Iberico, but I am a bigger fan of their onion-filled morcillas. I can't have a tapas plate at home without them. Their mini chorizos also make a great snack, though I prefer the chorizo picante. The spreads in the cupboards are varied and worth a try, as well.

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            Their mini chorizo is a staple buy for us whenever we chanced by their store.

          2. Their boquerones (white anchovies in vinegar) are on a par with what I had in Seville and are fantastic. Great with manzanilla.